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Thoughts gradually return to order Tu Du thought again suddenly found that the first damage to his soul that wisp of sword gas unexpectedly disappeared Sword Qi does not disappear but is consumed When Tu Du was burned by Wu Lei Fu Jian Qi finally found the weakest link and broke out quietly from inside to outside The Sun Soul Banner rolls in the wind and makes a hunting sound but if it is sharp-eyed it may be found that in the corner of the banner cloth there is a narrow crack no more than two minutes long which cuts a rune in half This is the final result of Yu Ci's full blast of one sword and one amulet Perhaps this damage in the eyes of the real master to make a fool of himself but now Tu alone wire nail machine manufacturers is not laughing at all Because at this moment thousands of strange lights were lit up in the dark clouds below The lamp is shining with green or red light It was at this moment that more than a hundred demons looked up and focused their attention on the banner of the sun soul that hit the wall For a moment in the deepest part of Tu Du's soul a cold chill jumped out After he entered the valley he took the Sun Soul Banner to protect his body so he had the idea of letting his own Yin God not be detected by the demons in the abyss At that time he was just prepared Because in his view those who can pose a threat to him the highest should also be below the depth of the canyon which was proved by the war with the demons But now at a depth of about forty miles what did he see Under the influence of Tu Duyin the malice of more than a hundred demons seemed to be a layer of thick/turbid poison gas riding the strong wind of the canyon from bottom to top surging over It was the hungry beast that saw the prey and the buzzing flies stared at the carrion naked and undisguised Even though there were still several miles to go Tu Du felt the incomparable pressure which made the Sun Soul Banner outside tremble slightly Younger generation! Tu Duyin roared silently in the banner but no matter how loud he roared the damage on the long banner could not be repaired in an instant And it is this damage that makes the inner layer of pure Yang Qi crack a gap from which the breath of Tu Duyin flows out and there is no possibility of concealing it Suddenly a dark shadow rushed up If there is one there are two only slightly behind a line followed by more than a dozen demons and shadows and the momentum is out of control In the Rift Valley a hundred demons may be nothing even if it is a black surge there is no follow-up But the chaos was clearly spreading and under the dark clouds there were more and more "lights" shining The strange light spread to several miles away more than ten miles away dozens of miles away and then gathered here At first glance it looked like a layer of muddy waves beating the cliff shaking the cliff trembling I do not know which demon roared causing thousands of demons to respond or sharp or grand or heavy roaring waves gathered from all directions Nail Making Machine manufacturers the sound spread hundreds of miles making people feel stuffy Yu Ci is still higher in the cloud void just a flying sword has exhausted the effectiveness of the magic amulet that little power has disappeared he must work very hard to control his body toward the direction of the cliff The strong wind in the canyon helped a lot After Yu Ci dropped nearly a hundred feet he finally took advantage of a crosswind and rushed to the cliff After smashing a protruding stone beam the momentum was relieved and the landing was safe At this time the roar of the demon came in and Yu Ci opened his mouth to relieve the pressure on his eardrum At the moment he was about in the position of Tu Du's south side slightly higher than seven or eight Zhangs and the distance was not far But the first wave of hundreds of demons but is completely ignored the existence of Yu Ci blood-red eyes only that long banner floating regardless of the rush up The demon in the forefront had already reached out its claws to grasp the cloth with gold stripes on a black background At this moment the sun soul banner shines brightly A circle of blazing white flame spread from the big sun gold pattern in the center of the long banner and instantly expanded to ten feet The fire was so fierce that the demon in the front burned into a huge fire in an instant and was blown away by the heat wave The demons that followed him still had no chance to dodge and in a series of hisses the first dozen or so demons were burning together and the flames were so fierce that they penetrated the flesh in an instant burning the bones of the demons squeaking Fire to the bone! Yu Ci saw it clearly and almost clapped his hands and exclaimed "This is Tu Du's signboard" This kind of flame which is generated by the Yin power of the incantation method to drive away the Yang fire will be drilled into the flesh and inserted through the bone crevices until it burns through the bone marrow making people die in the most painful way If Tu Du had used this move at the very beginning Yu Ci would certainly have run as far as he could and would not talk about setting up an ambush But the fact is that Tu Du was intent on catching him alive and he did not know how many moves he had not made When he wanted to be serious what he was facing was not Yu Ci but the endless bloodthirsty demons that came up The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength! Presumably after this matter Nail machine manufacturer Tu alone must be remembered of course that also wants him to have later to become! From the mountain forest interception to jump into the rift valley and then to the counterattack of the sword splitting lightning Yu Ci rushed very hard but the early preparation was even harder He is really not the kind of person who has no plan but for the implementation of the plan but also for his own life try to collect information try to think thoroughly Make sure that he gets to the step point every step and only when he gets to the step point can he have a chance to watch the excitement of Tu Du here This series of plans itself is not surprising if there is it is only Yu Ci's psychological grasp of Tu Du is very precise-thanks to Tu Du the brain has not been so normal old monster decades of will wear down jealousy of young people will make him do some meaningless things Yu Ci can get a chance to buffer Had it been for the haughty Lord of the Jin Grand Mansion the younger generation like him I'm afraid would have beaten him into a cripple at the first time of meeting and then caught him calmly At that time all his traps and ambushes would have been jokes Of course if Jin Huan comes here how can he lay a black hand on a -year-old girl There's no point in saying that now He just needs to watch quietly now Well if there is a way to leave the present scene and give it to Xiao Jiu will the little guy be happier

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