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Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs Heavy electric wheelchairs that are heavy duty are typically utilized by people with permanent disabilities to move around These electric chairs are capable of high speeds and can be adapted to various terrains These models also have features such as reclined chairs and elevating legrests These features let people reach counters and cabinets more easily as well as take part in daily activities Seating When you are looking for a heavyduty power chair its important to consider the seating capacity A higher weight capacity enables the chair to accommodate people of greater heights and sizes which makes it easier for them to move around in a comfortable manner Furthermore a higher capacity for weight can permit the use of motorized mobility aids such as elevating leg rests which reduces pressure on the legs and improves circulation of blood When choosing electric powered wheelchair you should also consider the batterys lifespan range of drive and any extra features A battery that can be charged quickly for instance can reduce the waiting time between charges and improve your mobility A dual battery connector will also double the range of your wheelchair This is accomplished by connecting two batteries The drive range of a heavy duty power chair can affect its performance with frontwheel drives offering tighter turning radiuses and more maneuverability Additionally rearwheel drive chairs offer more stability on rough terrain and over curbs A recline system that is powered by power can improve comfort in wheelchairs since it allows for a more comfortable posture and eases tension on your neck back or shoulders A warranty policy can give you peace of assurance in the event that something goes wrong Many companies offer a oneyear guarantee on the frame and six months on electronics and repair or replacement options Consult with a healthcare professional or a mobility specialist or occupational therapist prior to purchasing a heavy duty power wheelchair to ensure you get the most suitable model They will assess your needs at present and suggest a chair that is able to meet or exceed your expectations for mobility comfort and durability They can also give you suggestions on how to maintain and take care of your chair to ensure it is in top shape and lasts as long as possible It is also important to determine your budget prior to shopping because the cost of a wheelchair can differ greatly based on its specifications and features Some companies also offer finance options to make the purchase more affordable Weight Capacity When choosing a power chair the weight capacity is an important factor to consider Powerchairs with heavy duty capabilities are able to hold more weight than standard wheelchairs and are designed for people with heavier body weights They also typically have larger seats and are more durable because of reinforced frames and motors There are also bariatric chairs which are safe for obese users When selecting a chair think about the users weight and daily requirements when evaluating the wheelchairs maximum weight capacity Overweight can damage the frame and motor and also reduce the batterys lifespan In addition it can put the users safety at risk due to lack of stability Purchasing a chair with a higher capacity to support weight is an investment so it is important to assess the users health and mobility needs before making a purchase Check your power chair regularly to ensure its safety Check casters for excessive wear and then lubricate them when needed Clean your chair frequently to get rid of dirt and dust Also make sure to maintain your batteries and charger If youre unsure of how to properly care for your wheelchair consult with health experts or a mobility specialist Suncoast Mobility offers a wide choice of Pride Mobility heavy duty electric wheelchairs These electric chairs feature frontwheel drive to provide outstanding maneuverability and rearwheel independent Active Trac ATX suspension for varying terrain Theyre available in folding and nonfolding models allowing you to select the best wheelchair to meet your needs Both the Jazzy Elite HD Jazzy 614 HD wheelchairs are popular options for heavy duty wheelchairs Both wheelchairs have a maximum range of up 215 miles on a single charge frontwheel driving and superior handling Click on the images below to learn more about these chairs as well as other Jazzy models with large capacity for weight Battery Life The battery life of heavy duty electric wheelchairs can vary greatly The battery life of the heavy duty electric wheelchairs varies greatly The more work the wheelchair has to do to move forward the more itll put stress on the battery It is important to not use your wheelchair on rough or uneven terrain as this could reduce the life of your battery The frequency with which batteries are charged can also influence its life span Many users who use wheelchairs charge their batteries only when they are low This could lead to them overcharging and shortening their batterys life span Its recommended to recharge the battery at least once per day preferably every night In addition its recommended to store the battery at the room temperature 77deg F when not in use Batteries dont appreciate extreme temperatures and keeping them at high or low temperatures can reduce their lifespan Finally its best to keep the batterys terminals clean and greased with petroleum jelly This will help keep the battery from rust and protect the internal plates Keeping these tips in mind youll be able to prolong the life of your heavyduty power wheelchairs battery by at least 50 This will allow you to use your mobility aid longer and to do activities that you love There are other best practices you can follow to ensure the best battery life The most important thing is to ensure that your battery does not completely drain as this will drastically reduce its lifespan Avoid the temptation to top up your battery since this can lead to sulfation and acid stratification It is essential to get your wheelchair checked by a professional regularly This will allow the mechanic to detect any issues early and correct them before they become serious By following these simple tips you can extend the battery life of your power wheelchair and improve its performance Mobility Heavy duty power wheelchairs offer the best mobility features They typically have larger frames and more powerful motors than other electric chairs making them ideal for people with weight issues Theyre also designed to take on heavier weights and come with a more movable seat Theyre often more expensive than standard electric wheelchairs but theyre also a lot more durable and offer more customization options Some models have swingaway legrests to help you to get in and out of your chair Some models have a powered elevating chair that allows you to alter the seat height to get the perfect fit The majority of models can be controlled by a joystick located on the armrest This makes it easy for those with upper body injuries or are weak to move They can reach speeds of up to 4 and 45 miles per hour and most offer a range of between 98 and 22 miles Suncoast Mobility carries both the Jazzy Elite HD series and the Teknique heavyduty electric wheelchairs Both have the topofthe best features that make them suitable for larger users They come with frontwheel drive and 14inch drive knobby wheels for excellent outdoor performance and ActiveTrac ATX for additional stability We also have a selection of mobility accessories including cup holders armrests and travel bags Our mobility experts will assist you in choosing the best chair for your needs They can also assist you to find a wheelchair financing option that fits your budget If youre in search of a durable and reliable wheelchair for yourself or an elderly parent we have the equipment you require to remain active Before you purchase we suggest consulting with medical professionals and mobility experts to ensure that youre getting the right equipment Contact us If you have any questions Our mobility specialists can answer your questions and help you find the right power wheelchair for your needs They can also teach you how to use the new chair and show you how to properly take care of it

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