As important as it is to learn what it takes to be a leader in network marketing, it is equally important to understand what leads to failure as a leader so that you can understand when you might be falling short yourself. Again, it is just as essential to know what do not to do as it is to make sure you do the right things. As a leader in network marketing, you have to be careful to project qualities of leadership, your success may depend on it. Leaders recruit leaders, by this, it is necessary for you to distinguish yourself as a leader if you want to bring in the “big hitters”. Here are 10 keys to success as a leader as outlined by Napoleon Hill, with a specific network marketing take on each one.

Don’t Fail as a Leader

1) Inability to organize details. Efficient Leadership calls for ability to organize and master details. No genuine leader is ever “too busy” to do anything which mat be required of them as a leader. When someone, no matter if they are a leader or a follower, admits that they are “too busy” to change their plans, or give attention to a pressing issue, they admit insufficiency. The successful leader must be the master of all details connected to their position. That means, of course, that they must acquire the details of relegated details to capable business partners

Network Marketing Take: this is a tricky one because you need to be able to provide tools and answers to people without creating a culture of dependency with your team. You need to make sure people in your group are providing with everything they need for success, but the responsibility must be on them to execute the tasks needed for success. As a leader, it is a difficult task to provide enough leadership and answers so that your team can succeed (because your success depends on their success), but not so much that you are constantly on the hook to take them through everything yourself.

2) Unwillingness to render humble service. Truly great leaders are willing, when occasion demands, to perform any sort of labor they would ask another to perform

Network Marketing Take: this fits in perfectly with the description above. You need to have expertise and experience in the areas that you advise to your team to ensure that you are directing them correctly, but also so your team sees the action that you are taking and can’t help but try to emulate it.

3) Expectation of pay for what they “know” instead of what they do with that which they know. The world does not pay people for that which they “know”. It pays for what they do, or induce others to do.

Network Marketing Take: it is great to provide people with free services, however there is also a certain merit to charging to training because often times providing exclusively free training will decrease the value of what you are offering in your prospects mind. However, what Napoleon Hill is referring to is not the aspect of charging people for your knowledge, but saying that a leader must require payment for the translation of what they know to what they can provide for their team. The way that you do this is by guidance to training that others provide, but also by packaging what you have learned into personalized training modules for people looking for solutions in your area of expertise. In this case, charging for training can often times be the better route as it shows value, however you must deliver on what you promise!

4) Lack of Imagination. Without imagination, the leader is incapable of meeting emergencies, and of creating plans in which to guide their followers effectively.

Network Marketing Take: there are always going to be things that you can offer to your team as a leader, however without the imagination to provide value that dynamically answers the problems that your group is having. There are many training systems that you can have your team plug into that will show them how to attain success in whatever their marketing strategy might be, however it takes true creativity to provide your team with unique tools based on the training foundation that you provide them with. Instead of considering the creativity of yourself as a leader, consider how you can spark the creativity of the people on your team. From my experience, this is best accomplished by providing tools and turning them loose for a period of time so they can personally go through the process of problem solving and thinking about how they can personally implement marketing strategies out of the training framework you provide them with.

5) Fear of Competition from followers. The leader who fears that one of their followers may take their position is practically sure to realize that fear sooner or later. The able leader trains individuals to whom they may delegate, at will, any of the details of their position. Only in this way may a leader multiply oneself and be prepared to be at many places, and give attention to many things at one time. It is an eternal truth that people receive more pay for their ability to get others to perform, than they could possible earn by their own efforts. An efficient leader may, through their knowledge of their job and the magnetism of their personality, greatly increase the efficiency of others, and induce them to render more and better service than they could render without their aid.