Imagine a system that would allow you present unlimited iterations of your business opportunity, an unlimited number of times to an unlimited number of people… Do you think you could make more money in this business? Now, if you could teach this system to other people, do you think THEY could make more money in this business? And if THEY could teach this system to other people… well, you get the idea.

Today, we are going to examine such a system. It is a method of lead generation that is unbelievably efficient and cost effective, called the network marketing webinar. With it, you will be able to systemize your business in ways that you never thought possible.

This technology will allow you to build your business, make money and build your down line almost effortlessly and when combined with a robust auto-responder lead conversion system and an effective lead retention program, it’s possible to build your business almost effortlessly!

Below you will find the 10 steps to building the type of bullet-proof lead generation system that will automatically generate new prospects while you sleep, allowing you to create a life you’ve only imagined in your dreams.

It’s not hard to do, but it will take some effort on your part to duplicate. Once it’s done, though, I promise your life will NEVER be the same.

Step One: Like anything else in life, you have a greater chance of being successful if you increase the number of opportunities to create success. In this business, you create success by presenting your opportunity to prospective business partners. Therefore, you create success in this business by presenting your opportunity to as many people as possible.

If you are looking to build your down line, you know that recruitment is a full time job. With network marketing webinars, instead of working full time in your business, this system will allow your business to work full time for you! To make the system more effective, be sure to schedule webinars during the times most accessible to your target audience.

I suggest scheduling at least two network marketing webinars each week at different times of the day to ensure you get the greatest number of attendees. For example, schedule one for Tuesday evening and another for Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning to make sure there is a time available for most attendees.

If you are unable to conduct more than one webinar each week, be sure to schedule your webinar at least a week in advance. This is so you can promote it effectively and increase the number of attendees. Even though I created One Touch Webinars, I also recommend Go To Webinar as a good alternative product.

Here is a tip. If you use Go To Webinar, make sure you schedule your webinar to last 30 minutes longer than you plan. That way, if you go over a little it won’t shut down on you. If you use One Touch Webinars for your network marketing webinars, you will not have that problem, since you will be using an edited, pre-recorded message to present your business opportunity.

Step Two: When prospects decide to do business with you during your network marketing webinar, they are doing so because they are usually looking for freedom. Freedom from stress, bills, work or anything else that has them feeling bound and trapped.

By the same token, you are looking for freedom as well, right? Well, I have always said that “Freedom Is In The Follow-Up”, so it is important to follow up with those who have registered for your network marketing webinar as well as those who have attended your MLM webinar.

It is important to remain in contact with those that attend your network marketing webinar, whether they choose to sign up for your team or not, so it is important that you prepare a compelling registration page to capture the name, email address and phone numbers of people that register for your MLM webinar.

Although most webinar providers will capture that information, you want them in your auto-responder system so you can follow up and market to them before and after the webinar. If you do not have an auto-responder system, I have used 2 which I think are tops in the industry, Infusionsoft and Aweber and can recommend them unconditionally.

Otherwise, if you use One Touch Webinars to conduct your network marketing webinars, it has a fully functioning auto-responder as a part of the system that you can use to follow up with prospects before, during and after your MLM webinar.

Step Three: Be sure to interact with your attendees during the webinar by having them fill out polls, surveys or download information. By asking poll questions during the webinar you keep the audience involved, as well as allowing you to tailor the presentation to them. As an added benefit, it provides social proof to everyone attending the webinar. A survey follows the webinar and allows your audience to give you feedback so you can improve your presentation and make it more effective for subsequent attendees..

The auto-responder sequence should start as soon as they sign up and continue until the start of the webinar. It should be capable of sending emails AND SMS text messages if you have the attendee’s cell phone number. After the webinar, use the auto-responder series to thank your attendees and follow up with those who have signed up for your team as well as those who have not. In fact, the latter group is most likely the largest and most important group to nurture at this time, as you may be able to double the size of your team by engaging them in the coming weeks and months.