Online search marketing always seemed to top the online display marketing method and, when you think about it logically, it makes sense that it did. But the tides are turning and online display marketing is now becoming one of the best ways to market your business, ideas or products via the Internet.

Online search marketing came first. It is natural, in most areas of life, that whatever comes first always has a head start on what comes afterwards, but that doesn’t mean to say that newer developments cannot gradually get stronger and grow to out-run that of their elders.

This is definitely what seems to be the case when we consider online display marketing in the present climate of internet advertising.

Online display marketing is getting stronger and more effective and pleasing more online advertisers by the day. If you still haven’t taken the plunge and delved into the land of display, you really should give it a whirl and as soon as possible if you want to get ahead of the game.

Lots of internet advertisers are realizing the potential and effectiveness of the these networks. Every single day, more and more advertisers are investing time and money into the arena and benefiting from the results that this shrewd move makes them within a very short space of time.

But why is this?

Why is it that this form of marketing is now suddenly doing so well? Why is it that some people are choosing to run display or content network campaigns instead of the older paid search campaigns? What has changed to make this kind of marketing that much better than before?

The answers are as follows:

1. Online display marketing networks are now much bigger
In the early days, these networks were not big enough nor strong enough to be able to cope with the amount of online advertising that people wanted to do.

Therefore, many online advertisers gave up on the potential of online display marketing due to the initial lack of power and possibility that these networks were able to provide.

Since then it has been hard to re-establish the display network as something that is now large, powerful and technically able to handle huge reams of online advertising at all times. However, this is the case.

Display is now big and beautiful. You will be able to run all the campaigns you want on one network without any problems and this is the first reason why content network marketing is definitely on the up.

2. Online display marketing campaigns can now be optimized to better effect
In the early days, all advertisers had to buy impressions for these campaigns in bulk. This wholesale approach to online marketing meant that the effectiveness of many campaigns was diluted because good impressions had to be blended with bad ones.

However, not any more. Now you are able to buy any amount of impressions from many of the online display marketing networks at any time and you can vary this figure too, as and when you need to.

This development is the second reason why the content network is fast becoming one of the best ways of advertising via the Internet today.

3. Online display marketing now offers huge flexibility in terms of targeting potential clients, customers and internet users
These networks are developing more and more ways of targeting your potential clients, customers and internet junkies every single day.

The flexibility that now exists within the various campaigns that you can run via online display marketing are now giving paid search campaigns a run for their money. Indeed, there is little that you cannot manipulate with an content marketing campaign.

4. Online display marketing is so easy to use
Are you busy? Do you not have a lot of time to manage your campaigns nor to research into online marketing to learn about the latest ways in which you can optimize your campaigns?

Display advertising is easy and full of fantastic ways in which to make your campaigns run by themselves. You can select from a large number of automated tools that will optimize your campaigns for you as and when needed and you can use various algorithms to help you with your advertising analysis and make decisions about your online display advertising campaigns for the better.

If you are looking for help and convenience, then you have just found another reason why you should invest in content network marketing as soon as possible.

5. Online display marketing now allows advertisers to see more data on their campaigns
Last, but of course by no means least is reason number five. Transparency.

One of the biggest complaints about display in the days of yore was that advertisers couldn’t access the streams of data, nor cross-reference that data in many ways to be able to find the holes in their online advertising and make smart decisions to help them optimize their campaigns with success.

Now all of that has changed.

Now all advertisers can see exactly how many impressions their campaigns have served, on which sites they have been served and the cost effectiveness of each of those sites too.

This new improved access to advertising data is the final piece to the content network success puzzle that make most advertisers beam from ear to ear. Data makes the online advertiser happy and there is plenty of it to look at now when you advertise via display advertising campaigns.