You found this article because you are wondering how to be successful in network marketing today using Facebook marketing. Succeeding in network marketing and having MLM success boils down to five critical areas. This includes using Facebook as a hub of marketing which is critical tip number five in this discussion.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Tip #1: Passion and Purpose

How to be successful in network marketing or anything else begins with having a strong “why”. You have to identify and connect with your reason why and let it drive you to success. Your reason has to be more than a target dollar amount earned monthly or annually. You must identify what inner dream drives you beyond just having a fat bank account. It should be something that inspires you so much that when you have hard times and experience set backs, as all successful people do, you keep moving forward. Perhaps proving something to people in your life who said you would never be successful. Or something more noble such has supporting a retired parent, paying for your children’s college education or being a philanthropist making significant humanitarian contributions. You may just want to travel the world to exotic places in your own retirement years and have it said of you that you left a legacy of wealth for your children and your children’s children to remember you by.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Tip #2:Product Marketability.
The more viral a product is the better for the growth of your organization. Viral in this case is not negative as in the case of a disease causing microbe. Rather it is something very good. Viral Marketing has to do with how readily the product sells itself with just a simple exposure or sample giveaway to a potential customer. It is also a function of how readily satisfied customers tend to spread news of it by word of mouth as well to others. Products are not so viral where there is a degree of education or explaining required before the customer commits to purchasing. This includes high dollar items and products that require a formal presentation. Your success is based on the success of the masses. The masses of people you need in your business tend to shy away from getting involved with products that require extensive “salesmanship”. For that reason a “viral” product that has mass appeal that can sampled out cost effectively with few words of explanation would be the most ideal product type for MLM success.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Tip #3: Company and Compensation Plan
Having a strong company that is going to be around and with a good compensation plan to pay you with is very important. Find out about the ownership behind the company. Don’t go with a company less than two years old. This is because if a company is going to fail it most likely will happen in its first two years. Make sure the internet popularity of the company is strong by running a check on the main company website at This will help you avoid joining a company that is being marketed with much distributor hype but has low public interest.

As far as the compensation plan goes the company should have many different ways of compensating the distributors. Fast start bonuses and matching bonuses would be a plus. A plan that includes a “non-flushing” binary aspect has definite advantages over other types of compensation structures. The binary “2-legged’ compensation structure allows you to create excitement and momentum in your organization. This is done by placing members downline in single file in two legs one underneath one another to unlimited depth. This can be done in a binary system without hurting your own money making potential as it would in most other type of comp plans. Another comp plan feature to look for is generational bonuses paid to ranking distributors for hitting certain achievement levels. Lastly bonuses pools that pay achievers a share of the entire company global business volume are always nice to see in a MLM company’s compensation plan.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Tip #4: Define Your Goals
There should be both long term and short term goals set. Short term goals are the most critical. A clear success strategy and action plan should be outlined for your first thirty, sixty and 90 days in the business. This is a numbers game. An action plan should have a new rep going through a significant number of prospects early on with the correct approach and strategy that works for your particular product and opportunity. Otherwise, chances are they’ll quit within 90 days due to lack of results. Regardless of what others do you must plan your work and work your plan.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Tip #5: Facebook Marketing.
At the time of this writing Facebook as over 750 million users. By sometime in 2012 it should approach 1 billion users. Smart marketers are staking their claim in the Facebook landscape. If you haven’t begun to learn proper Facebook marketing strategies now is the time. One thing to keep in mind Facebook should not be used to spam everyone you know with a link to your business in every status update you do. To succeed marketing your business in social media you have to first market yourself as a person who is trusted, helpful and likeable. Simply search for network marketers in MLM related groups and pages, make 10 to 30 friend request daily, be nice and friendly and ask people what do they do after they accept your friend request. However don’t immediately give them a link to your biz opp when they ask in response what do you do. Instead be in a position to present yourself as a person who provides resources to help network marketers build their businesses. As a rule of thumb its best to offer your MLM opportunity only after you have built a relationship of like you, know you, trust you.

To position yourself as a provider of resources to help network marketers you will want to learn about attraction marketing and implement your own personal attraction marketing system. You will want to provide your prospects a link to a page similar to the one at You will then get a chance to build a relationship. You will get far more leads for your business in the long run that way and in turn get far more people actually genuinely interested in talking to you. This is how to be successful in network marketing and eliminate the much of rejection many MLM business builders normally face.