Mobile marketing is a direct marketer’s dream. It is inexpensive, quick and highly measurable. If you employ direct marketing in your business, but have not embraced the rapid growth of mobile marketing, here’s five reasons why you should…

1. Direct marketing budgets are on the decline. Mobile marketing campaigns are very easy to implement, are very affordable and have proven highly effective. Often all that is necessary is to put a mobile call to action into an existing marketing campaign, as opposed to starting a new campaign from scratch with all the attendant costs.

Combining a mobile marketing campaign with traditional marketing channels has been shown to improve performance. Your print, email and web-based campaigns do better when enabled with a mobile component.

2. Many brand’s customer bases are becoming more fragmented, making it harder to reach significant numbers with a campaign. Traditional media channels used to reach consumers are becoming less effective. This is due to the vast array of new media that technology has brought us.

Mobile marketing, on the other hand, is highly targetable. Regardless of the diversity and number of customer groups, a mobile SMS campaign can be designed to reach your desired target audience with a message that is relevant to their needs and desires.

3. One of the major historical strengths of direct marketing is its ability to measure results and justify marketing expenditures by providing an acceptable ROI. The problem, however, is that accumulating the data and testing campaigns for effectiveness took a long time.

Mobile marketing provides instantaneous measurable results. Most of the mobile platforms come with highly sophisticated analytics.

4. The marketing goal of most companies is to acquire new customers while keeping current customers. Often, a direct marketing campaign was an “either-or” proposition that did not simultaneously accomplish both goals.

The starting point for a SMS marketing campaign is usually a customer opt-in to receive a coupon, alerts, updates, etc. This allows the building of new customer bases that can be highly segmented from the beginning.

5. The ideal direct marketing campaign involves the customer at the point of sale in the retail store. This is a trick not often accomplished.

Many mobile text marketing campaigns are designed to drive the customer to the retail store. Often, that’s half the marketing battle.

Once a sale is made, that includes redeeming a coupon for example, a number of customer demographic information statistics can be gathered at the point of sale. The accumulation of consumer buying behavior can be used to improve current SMS advertising campaigns and more precisely target offers.