Network marketing is the last bastion of the free enterprise. It has given everyday ordinary people a chance to feature in the league of big money. The dream of attaining financial freedom within a short 5 years has been made possible for the poor and middle class people through this industry. Network marketing just like most of the industries, has had its share of the public gross negative criticisms and smirking. Sometime in 1889, newspaper business was facing US Congress scrutiny which was aimed at stopping the print media industry. Similarly, franchising was outlawed by the same US Congress in the early 20th century.

But, these industries survived their teething period and took off. Today, they are legitimate industries that contribute to the world economy. Network marketing industry did not suffer anything less. From 1923 to 1960, the network marketing industry faced different kinds of scrutiny and reappraisal in the US. Today, network marketing industry has been declared the fastest industry to produce more millionaires in dollars in the last 25 years. The industry has helped in no small way in enabling so many families realize the American dream. There are umpteenth stories of rag to riches in American, Europe, Asia and even Africa from the network marketing industry. Today, network marketing industry is just beginning in Nigeria, thus, now is the best time to plug-in to the industry. Below are six good reasons why you must be involved in our industry.

First, we have the only entrepreneurial home business with no upside limits and no serious downside risks. Our industry is the only home business where a new entrant can dream to earn more than his sponsor and go ahead to achieve it within a specific time. There is no limit to the amount of wealth you can make in network marketing business. And your upline associate cannot determine your income rather it’s your personal commitment to create your own wealth. There is an opportunity to create an infinite wealth in every true network marketing company. There is nothing like saturation or depressed economy in this industry. This is why Warren Buffet said that in the face of the depressed economy, while his investments in other industries were crashing, his investment in 25 different network marketing companies were growing and making him good returns. Moreover, there is no serious downside risk. In our industry unlike other industries, all you need to start your business is a minimal capital; less than $500. Positive attitude is even considered more valuable than your start-up capital. Therefore, you’ve got nothing to risk rather you’ve got something to gain, that is, continuous personal development that network marketing business offers to its members.

Second, total time freedom goes hand in hand with the wealth and prosperity we achieve. Time freedom is what is dreamed by many but enjoyed by a few. In network marketing, it can be achieved within a short five years. As you’re growing in our industry, you gain wealth and prosperity which automatically come with time freedom. You can start with just $500 capital, and plug-in to the system of a successful upline. With a strong compelling vision and consistent action, you’ll be competent in a short six months and this brings confidence. With an impregnable confidence, you can create a six digit monthly passive income in two years. This is enough to give you time freedom.

Third, by working diligently in the beginning stage of your business, you can ultimately have a stress-free life. It’s better to trade in the traditional thirty-five year plan for a new five year plan that network marketing offers. If you stick on to your business in our industry, diligently working the plan, you can retire in just 5 years. If you must work again after this stage, it’ll not be inspired by monetary reward rather a passion to a course you believe in. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick business. It’s like every other business thus it requires some period of learning curve. You have to first invest in your education, then take action and you’ll be marveled by the results you’ll get from your business. The beautiful thing is that the support system in our industry is unrivaled.

Fourth, recognition and travel await all those who are successful in building a network marketing organization. Because our business is the type that is not limited by territorial boundaries, it’s easy to build a global business organization. With a downline in a foreign market, all you need to create an international business organization is to support him. Teach him everything that is working for you and help him go three levels deep and you’ve developed a new market. In our industry, the fact that you are successful, you’ll retire to training, helping others with their personal development. This naturally means you’ll travel the world having fun while you’re impacting other people’s lives. Every successful network marketer is a made personal development trainer. This is because there is no way you can achieve success in our industry without a developed mindset and huge personal productivity skills. Again, network marketing helps you to learn how to teach others. Training (teaching your downlines) is one of the three major things required for a successful network marketing business. Thus every successful network marketer enjoys recognition and global traveling lifestyle.