Getting right down to it, these 7 Network marketing strategies will only increase your chances of success if you actually put them into play. MLM as it also known is first and foremost a business. It is also a job and you better be prepared to work it as such. Bottom line is you are going to, have to work at it.

Lets start of by breaking down the individual components of “network marketing strategies” using my definitions of each word to make that point.

First: Let’s break down network into two words. Net, meaning; what are you going to add to your bottom line, as in “net” pay (why we all do this business). Work; meaning taking action, both physical, and mental energy being applied toward reaching your goals.

Next: Marketing; getting the word out there about your network marketing opportunity.
Strategies: Specific, calculated gambits or moves that are formulated with some mathematically determined certainty to be able to reach pre-determined objectives or a purpose.

Now reading these network marketing strategies by definition backwards it reads like this “Strategies: Planning a systematic way of Marketing our Opportunity to the proper prospects, by Working smart with our time, consistently every day to Net the kind of money and success that we hear about and dream about.

Strategy Number One: Invest in your plan; share your network marketing leads with the prospects who join you. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Use automated systems for recruiting, training, follow up, marketing and build your list. Help your team build their list as well. Use auto responders, capture pages and webinars for online training to get everyone up to speed. Record and archive your sessions so that they are available for review.

Strategy Number Two: Educate yourself, and then educate your growing team. Invest in all of the network marketing success books, videos, work shops, boot camps and training that you can find. Find a successful leader who has what you want and copy them. If they can do it so can you (and so can your team).

Strategy Number Three: One way that you must market your network marketing opportunity is launching an article campaign and getting your articles published on a regular basis. Places like ezine articles, go articles, article dashboard and others are foundation for your web presence. (see one and two above) Again duplication means getting your team on board with you. People want to join leaders so set the direction and stay the course.

Strategy Number Four: Focus on recruiting. Make the offer for your MLM business so irresistible and enticing that everyone wants to join you. Deal from a position of strength. Offering an irresistible platform of using automated systems to generate your network marketing leads puts you in the forefront when it comes to building your network marketing success. Because your team is being developed through these systems, they too will adapt the same strategies for their network marketing success (duplication). Always remember to recruit up and teach your team to do the same. Raise the level of quality, of your network marketing leads to include professionals in all areas of expertise and everyone’s MLM business and incomes are going to explode.

Strategy Number Five: Plan your time and stick to the plan. Nobody has free time so you have to understand that the time you are using to build your network marketing business is going to sacrifice time away from doing something else. There is a price to pay for every ones time. Prioritizing where and how every one invests their time will go along way to realizing network marketing success. Keep your God and family first, and then move your MLM business up on the list.

Strategy Number Six: Be here in your business two years from now. Keep with your plan. Allow for adjustments as you navigate your course. Network marketing is a simple business but it is not necessarily an easy business. Put your MLM business opportunity in front of two new network marketing leads every single day and watch what happens. It is not going to happen today, and it is not going to happen by tomorrow either, but if you are applying consistent, simple, everyday actions, (like two new contacts a day) in two years you and your team will be right where you always wanted to be.

Strategy Number Seven: Upgrade your circle of influence. We are all a product of our environment. We ourselves are an average of the five closest connections in our circle of influence. If you want to significantly increase your income you are going to have to significantly raise the bar when it comes to who you hang out and associate with. If you want to be a multi millionaire, then you are going to have to associate with other multi millionaires and do as they do.

These seven network marketing strategies are only the start to a long and prosperous career with your MLM business. With all of the automation available today to generate and endless supply of network marketing leads, there is no reason why you can’t have multiple streams of income coming in. Don’t let the nay Sayers lead you astray. With the power of the internet anything can be possible if you work this business the right way.