Recently, a fellow network marketer approached me about my primary network marketing resource for generating leads. Coincidentally, he found me because I was marketing and targeting reps in his primary MLM company. Through a little known Gmail trick, I showed up right in his inbox. The sad thing is that because he didn’t understand it, he never took me up on my offer to introduce him to the MLM lead generation tool that brought me to his attention in the first place. Meanwhile, I continue to generate targeted leads for his primary network marketing opportunity on a weekly basis while he, on the other hand, continues to struggle with his large but unresponsive warm market.

The most critical network marketing resource you must have

Truth be told, if you’re reading this article and doing research for a network marketing resource, then you’re probably looking for ways to improve your business. In that respect, if I can recommend one single resource, it would be a reputable attraction marketing system. One that will not only give you the tools to generate leads and recruit online, but will also train you in the areas of marketing and sales. This is how people find me. This is how I recruit into my business.

Beyond all the hype, the important thing to understand about this particular network marketing resource is that it plugs in the gaping holes left by traditional MLM prospecting. This is not an attack on warm market prospecting by any means. It’s just that winning in MLM when going about it the old way is like gambling. It’s an odds and numbers game. And the house always win. Which means 97% of network marketing distributors tend to lose.

Why attraction marketing systems are invaluable as a network marketing resource

What good attraction marketing systems do for you is quite frankly game-changing. Take an internet-based marketing system like MyLeadSystem Pro, for instance. Here’s a platform that first and foremost, trains you on fundamental internet marketing and then eases you into advanced lead generation and branding strategies. Simultaneously, you also end up with a marketing system in-a-box. It comes complete with automatic web pages, free offers, sales funnels and everything else you need to offer irresistible value to your visitors and reel in endless targeted leads.

Other training platforms like Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula are also a great network marketing resource. Huge fortunes have been built by students who have adopted the concepts of these attraction marketing-based training platforms. Quite simply, these work because they are designed to help you create personal value through branding, generate interest through marketing of that value, and then convert that interest into leads and paying prospects. And the great news is that anyone can do this. There is no danger of saturation. Everyone possesses unique personal attributes that can be branded and leveraged to create loyal followings. You just have to learn the systematic process of how it’s done.

So make life a little bit easier on yourself. If you’re looking for a network marketing resource to improve your business, don’t get sidetracked or put off by the hype. Yes, there’s a lot of marketing noise out there when it comes to some of these systems. But the truth is that if applied correctly, they work exactly as advertised. Find a mentor who is having success with an attraction marketing funnel and ask them to help you. Believe me when I tell you they will be more than happy to do so because in the end, they know you will need someone to show you the ropes. But perhaps more importantly, they understand that your success propels their own.