Do you know what “type” of marketer you really are in today’s Social Media and business environment?

Basically, there are two types of marketers in today’s environment:

1. Passive Marketer

2. Active Marketer

Active Marketers…their practices and characteristics

Active Marketers are directly involved in contacting people (in person or phone) and making things happen by engaging in activities like conducting true Demonstrations or Webinars.

In other words, as an effective marketer, your daily activities should include actually “being there” when someone “is searching” for your products or service. In other words, you are actively involved with all aspects of the marketing process and ready to

Being an Active Marketer means that you are the type that is almost always ready to both Expose and Engage in all forms of communication and contact with prospects and customers alike.

This types of marketers are not afraid to start the process of making contacts or speaking directly with prospects. They find out what their prospects and customers really like.

In addition, these marketers find the best ways persuade or “sell” their audience on their product or service. It has a definite call to action.

Active marketers strive to get personally involved in acquiring customers and prospects.

One final about Active Marketers – this form of marketing is indeed the most challenging as these marketers go that extra yard to get to really know their customers. This involved type of marketing does take detailed planning and time.

Passive Marketers…their practices and characteristics

Passive Marketing involves running ads or commercials and “Hoping” that people “See” your ad and will contact you. Think of Passive Marketing as a strategy focusing on the marketer who is not really engaged with his prospects or customers on a one on one basis.

Passive marketers have a tendency to send out emails, place ads, and hope that the numbers work in their favor to get prospects to actually call them.

Here is one great point about Passive Marketers – they are really good at setting up websites and making sure that the website is set up and actually found on the internet.

But, here is the problem, once a Passive Marketer does a website, has it optimized and getting results…they are not really involved at all in getting any new prospects or customers. These marketers are really relying on the power of Google and other search engines to get results – results that are not really all that good in that you really don’t know who is clicking on your ads or websites.

Passive Marketing is just that, a very passive way of promoting with a focus on the company itself – with no real call to action at all in effectively “Branding” or building a business.

A rule of thumb, active marketing tends to generate results a lot faster than passive marketing.

What is a Marketer to do in today’s marketplace?

With the rise of Social Media and Facebook, it is very important that business people understand both types of marketing! However, Business Owners need to steer themselves towards more Active Marketing as Social Media is all about relationships and communication.

Active Marketers will indeed Engage with customers and get to know them. These Marketers will be on Facebook soliciting comments and responding to their fans – building relationships…

On the other hand, Passive Marketers will write Facebook posts and send out Twitter tweets, but sit back and wait for people to like them or follow them.

Barry S. McCoy is a Professional Social Media Consultant that specializes helping business owners engage and acquire customers through the major Social Media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.