We will teach you everything you need to know about Adult SEO. Because Premium escort agency is not our first escort business and each and every time we have created the escort website we were successful in it. So we can not see the reason that you can not succeed if you follow the simple steps we will share with you. So the first thing you need to plan is your website. Forget about not having any contacts to escort girls or clients and all of that. It is crucial that you do the market research and what other escort agencies’ websites look like. It is best to go to one of the escort directories for instance OpenEscort Director. Which is quite old and well known in the industry and almost every new escort agency is there. Secondly, you need to know how to decide which keywords are the most important for your business. As usual, we recommend Ahrefs as we have never found any other tool as good as this one. It is like an apple among all the smartphones. Very easy and simple to use for anyone regardless of their skills and knowledge but there is everything that a specialist would look for. So you can check on the competition in terms of SEO. What keywords do they choose and what type of links do they have? This tool is a must at least at the very beginning.

Premium escort agency websites

We are not a webmaster however we have some experience in building websites on different platforms. We have found that the most useful platform is WordPress. As it is very practical and very good for SEO purposes indeed. You can have a WordPress admin website from any hosting provider and we are currently using Namecheap hosting provider. The price starts from around $6 a month. Hosting is like a parking space for a website and WordPress has many free templates of websites which are suitable for any type of business. As long as you are willing to spend some hours on how to redesign and make changes to your website you can easily build it yourself. Till recently I thought the escort gallery is really complicated. And you need the help of a professional webmaster. But I found, that there is a way to build a simple escort gallery using building blocks available on these free themes. You can always employ a professional webmaster from the start.