Although internet marketing can be confusing at time, there are really only two methods to worry about…

Push marketing and pull marketing.

PUSH MARKETING is that type of internet marketing where you push your message out to your audience.

PULL MARKETING is the type of internet marketing where you place ads you hope will pull people to your website.

Let’s look at each one for a moment so you can know which will work best for the goals you are working toward right now…

Push Marketing

PUSH MARKETING is proactive. You’re taking your message to your market and get their attention long enough to create interest. You don’t need to sell the product you’re promoting – just sell the click to the website.

Some forms of Push Marketing include:

Ezine Advertising
Email Marketing
Pop Up Or Pop Under Ads
Slide In Ads
Endorsed Mailings (Joint Ventures)
Facebook posts
When using push advertising there are four things that you MUST do right:

Know your target market
Create a great headline
Sell the click to the website
Create curiosity and urgency
Push marketing usually creates response MUCH faster than pull marketing because you are proactively sending your message. You choose how, when, and how often prospective customers see your selling message.

Pull Marketing

PULL MARKETING is that type of internet marketing where your ad lives in one spot and is seen by many people. The ad is never “sent” to anyone but rather placed on sites where you hope your audience is searching.

One of the advantages of pull marketing is that you can set it and forget it.

A great Pay Per Click campaign is a good example.

With pay-per-click, once your ads are converting your main concern becomes not getting outbid for your selected keywords. Some pay-per-click campaigns can run for months without modification, pulling in visitors for a low-cost per click.

Another example is banner advertising. It is incredibly cheap and banner campaigns can run for literally years unattended. Just set it up right and let it run!

Some forms of Pull Marketing include:

Banner Ads
Pay Per Click
Ads on Directories
Online Yellow Pages
Classified Ad Sites
Search Engine Paid Listings
Testimonials on other peoples’ sites
Re-marketing campaigns
When using pull advertising there are four things that you MUST do right:

Choose keywords carefully
Choose the sites your ad will appear on carefully
Use a great headline
Create curiosity
While selling benefits is an important part of any ad, the goal of pull advertising is to make them curious enough to visit your site.

Should You Push or Pull?

Ultimately, you must decide based on your budget, audience, offer, how much time you can invest, and more. One very important factor is this: almost all great marketing campaigns consist of both push and pull internet marketing.

Generally, push marketing works best for products that meet a specific need of a specific market.

Selling an eBook, course or membership about how to make money at home is one example. Such products are very effectively marketed with push marketing methods because the target market is so easy to identify and reach. You can email a group of people who want to work at home very easily.

Pull marketing generally works best for products and services that are broader in nature.

Health is a good example…

People who want better health are very active searchers, which means you will have many options when it comes to placing ads they might see. Because they are searching so actively you have the chance to put your ad on the sites they find in their searching.

Almost any product can be marketed effectively with either technique, or a combination of both. Whether you choose pull, push, or a mix, the most important thing is to remain in control of the process and take action immediately. Whether you push or pull, let the entrepreneur’s motto be your guide…

Late to bed, early to rise, work like heck and ADVERTISE!

Because GREAT advertising is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page owns the Directory of Ezines and is the author of 10 books about Internet marketing. Through his membership sites and personal consulting, Charlie helps people achieve their goal of independence in record time.