The affiliate marketing business is one of the fastest ways to make money online for newbies and veteran internet marketers. I believe you are searching for information on how to make extra income working from home as an affiliate marketer. Indeed, there are many affiliate marketing programs on the internet to choose and start with as a newbie.

First and foremost, what is affiliate marketing? It is a simple business system where you sign up with a merchant’s program to promote and sell his product or service for sales commission. In other words, you are simply a virtual sales representative who will be introducing and explaining the benefits (and possibly the disadvantages) of using a product or service to a target niche market before they buy, preferably via your affiliate link which will identify you with the sale.

It is by using your affiliate link that a sale can be credited to your account. And when they buy, you get a cut of the selling price as your sales commission. It is usually computed as a percentage (say, between 50% and 75%) of the product’s selling price.

From the above explanation, two or three parties are involved in the affiliate business relationship as the case may be. The first party is you, the affiliate marketer. The second party is the owner of the product. He is either called the merchant or product owner. The optional third party is an affiliate network program. The third party doesn’t create any product, but acts as middleman between you (the virtual sales rep, so to say) and the merchant (the product owner).

Affiliate companies provide tools and resources to manage the recruitment of exodus of affiliate marketers worldwide and the hosting of merchants’ products and services. This system makes it easy for every party concerned to do his or her bit effectively. So, if you are starting an affiliate marketing business as a newbie, you can sign up for free as an affiliate marketer on any of the networks of your choice.

Because starting an affiliate marketing business is cost effective, you can start with as little as $10 in your first month by using coupon code to reduce the cost of domain name registration and buy one cent web hosting from a reliable web host.

This is what I suggest you should do. First of all, register an account as an affiliate marketer with affiliate network program. As you grow in your internet business you can begin to expand to other affiliate programs. Secondly, browse the marketplace where all products and services are listed and categorized.

You will see different markets and niches that will pick your interest. You have markets such as weight loss, home and garden, e-business and e-marketing, parenting, dating and relationships, software, learning languages, and so forth. You should be able to find your passion in all these niche markets from the broad markets listed above.

The good news about most of the affiliate networks is that it provides members with vital statistics about each product hosted with them. You can view the popularity of the product, the sales commission you will earn if you sell the product, and the percentage of the selling price that you are actually earning from your marketing efforts. With this vital information, you can decide whether or not to promote a product or not.

But before you start promoting a product from any merchant, there are housekeeping details you have to observe. Doing due diligence on the product you want to promote will save you days and months on end of wasted efforts. You have to research the niche market for the product to determine its viability or if it has desperate buyers. Also, you have to determine the search volume and the level of competition before you step your foot in the door.

After completing the above tasks, the next step is to register a domain name and purchase web hosting. As soon as you do that, you can install WordPress blog on your domain for free. The remaining job for you is to regularly post quality articles to your blog that will be related to the product you will be promoting.