As a new affiliate marketer, you may be starting out with very little, or no money at all to spend on promoting. And one of the beautiful things about this type of marketing is that you can start with no money – and start making money relatively easily – if you know how to market. As for as affiliate marketing for beginner tips go, this may be one of the most insightful articles you’ll read, for it gives you insight into the mind of your potential buyers.

In the world of “big money” advertising, this is known as “target market research,” and companies spend millions of dollars a year on it. Here’s the lowdown on why article marketing works, and how to capitalize on it to increase your affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners: Why Article Marketing Works So Well to Promote Products and Services

Note: The following is not backed up by any scientific evidence, just my personal experience. I’ve been using article marketing for years to sell products and services online, and here’s what I hear from buyers about why it works so well.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners: Why Educating Your Customer before You Sell to Them Helps to Make More Sales

The bottom line is, article marketing works because it gives people information about a product/service before they have to put down cold, hard cash for it.

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received over the years about a product or service that someone has bought from me that began with, “I read your article on…” Usually, the writer will go on to say how they found the content informative, or it told them something they didn’t know, or it explained a question that they had, etc.

If you’re an affiliate for a product that a lot of other people promote, you can easily outsell them if you write good, informative content. The reason is, a lot of people don’t like to write. They want to place a few ads and get people to buy. But, as the web is becoming a very crowded place, this does little to give customers pre-sales information.

When you write an in-depth article about a product/service, you’re not only giving the customer valuable information, you’re building trust with them. Trust leads to sales. So, if they come across the same product being promoted by someone else, they’re more likely to purchase from you because you took the time to, in essence, “communicate” with them before the sales.

In fact, article marketing can be seen as providing customer service before the sale. And, we know how valuable customer service is to increasing sales, right?

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners: An Article Marketing Tip to Always Remember

Write your articles yourself – at least in the beginning. This way, you’ll get a feel for what goes into producing good content. Also, provide real, useful information in your articles. Fluff content that is no more than a thinly disguised sales pitch won’t work. Potential customers can easily sense this, and it can in essence turn them off.

Remember, many people are still very skeptical about making purchases on the web. By writing content that is honest, sincere and informative, you build up the all-important trust that is needed to make a sale on the web.