You have no affiliate marketing training and you read the headline of the ad, “Make Money Working from Home, no experience necessary, free website.” Well, here it is a business you can start today. Most people see an ad like this to make money on the internet working from home without ever knowing much more. They sign up with a company and start what they think is going to be an easy way to give them extra income. They slap up a cookie cutter website the affiliate company gives them. Now they are ready to watch the money come pouring in.

Let me tell you, it is not quite that simple. It takes a whole lot more work than you may think, but it is a very profitable and satisfying business if you know where to get proven affiliate marketing training.

What is Affiliate Marketing? -Definition

You are rewarded for bringing each visitor or customer into the marketing program by your own marketing efforts as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing uses one website to drive traffic to another. This particular type of marketing is often overlooked by many marketers. There are many ways to earn money as an affiliate. It gives you multiple streams of income. You are paid commissions by the affiliate companies and you are the affiliate. This marketing overlaps with internet and network marketing to some degree because they use the same types of lead generating methods such as search engine optimization, (organic and PPC) email marketing, banners and ads.

Big Business

Affiliate Marketing has become big business with huge numbers of marketers earning a full-time income and many affiliates doing so much more. Millions and billions have been made in affiliate marketing. It takes a very long time and you will need to do lots of hard work. But with proven marketing training you can cut your learning curve by years.. Most people jump in with no affiliate training at all and wonder why the money isn’t pouring in. It takes time to build any type of business. Real people just like you and I can be earning real money in affiliate programs with the proper affiliate marketing training.. So let’s see what the scoop is.

Affiliate Marketing is:

• Getting paid for what you do… You earn money when you get results. You bring people into the company, and make commissions by selling services, products and tools from the company to your customer. You can work with as many affiliate companies as you wish and add more.

• Internet Based… Most of your affiliate marketing is done online but can also be promoted offline. Your tracking, commissions and processing are done online. There is no having to contact friends and relatives unless you desire.

• Big Money Business… Fortunes have been made in affiliate programs. Some have made millions but others have made as little as $10. It’s all up to you and your affiliate marketing training as this is paid performance marketing.

• A Business model in long standing… Being around since commerce started on the internet. Amazon was one of the first .com’s on the net in 1996. Millions were made by those that came into affiliate marketing programs at the beginning of internet commerce and still are being made.

• No Experience Necessary… Anyone can work as an affiliate. You do not need to have any special training to get started. Being computer savvy is not required when starting an affiliate program. It just helps you climb higher faster and start earning more money quickly with the proper affiliate marketing training. There are marketing training programs that will put you in the fast track.