Learn how to use Amazon Ungate Service to get approval for selling in gated categories and brands. Find out the 4 fastest steps of ungating on Amazon in this post. 

Amazon Ungate Service is a service that helps you get approval from Amazon to sell in gated categories and brands. In this article, we will share some methods on how to get ungated on Amazon fast and easily. 

Auto Ungated 

Auto ungated lets you sell gated items easily and cheaply, but it’s rare and random. Amazon approves you without documents or fees if you are a good seller with: 

  • A professional seller account with a monthly subscription of $39.99 
  • Less than 1% of defect rate (ODR) 
  • A high customer satisfaction rating (CSR) of at least 4 stars 
  • A high sales volume and revenue in other categories 

To increase your chances of selling gated items by auto ungated, you need to click on the “request approval” button whenever you see a restricted item that you want to sell. Sometimes, you might get lucky and get a message that says “You are approved to sell this item” without any further steps. 

Auto ungated lets you sell gated items easily and cheaply 

Making Purchases 

Buying from authorized wholesalers lets you sell gated items reliably, but it’s costly and slow. You buy products in the gated item you want. You need invoices or receipts with: 

  • The product name and ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) 
  • The quantity and price of the products 
  • The date of purchase, which should be within the last 180 days 
  • The supplier name and contact information should match the authorized list from Amazon 

You also need to make sure that the products are new, authentic, and match the item that you want to sell. Don’t buy from retail stores, online marketplaces, liquidators, or drop shippers. Amazon may reject them. 

To apply for selling gated items by making purchases, you need to upload your invoices or receipts to Amazon’s Seller Central portal and wait for their review. The item and demand may make this last 24 hours or more. 

Opening an Amazon Business Account 

An Amazon Business account lets you sell gated items easily, but it’s costly and limited. You register as a business seller and access more items. You need: 

  • A valid business name and legal entity type 
  • A physical business address and phone number 
  • A tax identification number (TIN) or employer identification number (EIN) 
  • A credit card or bank account for billing purposes 

You also need to pay a monthly fee of $39.99 plus tax for your Amazon Business account. Also, pay $39.99 plus tax for your professional seller account. 

To apply for selling gated items by opening an Amazon Business account, you need to sign up for an Amazon Business account on [Amazon’s website] and verify your business information. You can view and ask for approval for business items. 

Selling in Gated Items by Opening an Amazon Business Account 

Hiring an Ungating Service 

An Amazon Ungate service sells gated items for you, but it’s risky and unregulated. They do the ungating for you and transfer the account. You need a trustworthy service with: 

  • Experience and success in getting sellers ungated in various items 
  • Positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers 
  • Reasonable prices and guarantees for their services 
  • Clear communication and instructions for their process 

You also need to follow their instructions and provide any documents or information they need, such as your seller ID, your email address, your phone number, and your credit card details. 

To apply for selling gated items by hiring an ungating service, you need to contact the service provider and choose the item that you want to sell. They will then tell you the steps and the fees involved and ask for your consent. They will do the work for you and notify you when it is done. 

Amazoker’s Amazon Ungating Service is among the top ungating services. Amazoker helps you buy ungated accounts on Amazon. Their experts will find the best account for you, check it for quality and authenticity then transfer it to you safely. 

Amazoker’s Amazon Ungating Service is among the top ungating services

Buying an ungated Amazon account from Amazoker is the easiest and fastest way to start selling gated items on Amazon. You don’t have to worry about the approval process, the paperwork, or the risks involved. You just need to focus on finding the best products for your niche and providing excellent customer service. 

Not only that, Amazoker also has the Amazon seller account reinstatement service to promptly return them to the sales race in the market. 

Amazoker is the ultimate solution for Amazon sellers who want to expand their product range, reach new markets, and increase their profits. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, visit Amazoker’s website today and try their services! 


In this post, we talked about 4 methods that you can use to sell gated items on Amazon. Also introduced Amazoker with Amazon Ungate Service to help you buy ungated Amazon accounts with ease. By following these methods and using Amazoker, you can increase your chances of getting your Amazon seller account reinstatement and growing your business on Amazon.