Amway marketing has been around for decades, which reflects, of course, what a strong organization Amway is. But what about the Amway marketing strategies… do they still work? Is it really all that easy anymore to “just get two who get two interested in the opportunity”, and then you’re off and running?

Is The Old Amway Marketing Strategy Outdated?

Unfortunately (for the old school marketers), we live in a different world today. People don’t just “drop by” their friend’s house anymore; couples (both man and wife) are always at work, so now we have to schedule appointments. And what are your friends going to say when you mention that you have a “great opportunity” and would like for them to bring by some friends so you can pitch!? Well, you’re lucky these days if they’ll even remain your friends. I remember how I hate to go to my mother-in-law’s house because, invariably, they would always pitch their opportunity to me – again and again.

Some people just aren’t interested, am I right? And, nowadays, our friends and family are much more cautious than they used to be, thanks to all the network marketers out there giving the MLM a bad name. Between the network marketers with all the “hype” and the “suckers” buying into hope, most people don’t even take multilevel marketing seriously anymore. Eventually, you reach the end of your warm market list; the few that you’ve managed to recruit have lost their enthusiasm. Then what do you do? Quit, of course! Hence, the 97% drop out rate for multilevel marketers. These days, the warm market, while it may be a good way to start out, is way too limited as your primary leads source.

What About Amway Marketing Online?

Did you say “Amway marketing online”? Now that’s an Amway marketing plan! What you need these days with any multilevel business is a way to generate endless leads. And, what if you were told that those leads would begin to multiply as your marketing strategies improved?

I’m not going to lie to you… if you establish a blog, you will need to commit more than just a couple of hours each week. In fact, marketing online requires you to do a lot of research and learn new skills, like creating YouTube videos, websites, pay-per click strategies, keywords, and the list goes on. But that can be a good thing, because, as the experts will tell you, the best part about the network business is seeing yourself evolve into a better person, not just financially, but intellectually and emotionally as well.

An Amway marketing plan online is a lot different than one-to-one marketing with your warm market. You are warned against pitching your opportunity up front, because the sad truth is that the vast majority of people who might be interested in Amway products usually don’t seek to purchase online. And they certainly don’t look to join an Amway opportunity online, either! The technique that the marketing gurus teach is to learn to market you, positioning yourself as a leader. It’s the leaders that people want to join, and it really has nothing to do with your product line. Once you have the reputation of being a good leader and providing value to your followers, people will seek you out to follow you, no matter what you say or don’t say! It’s not the script that’s so important; it’s the character of the person.