So, you’ve joined a network marketing company. You may or may not have had to make an initial investment. Perhaps there is a monthly product purchase requirement in order to build the business. You encounter some marketing expenses, such as business cards, printing up tear sheets for offline marketing, perhaps also a monthly fee for an automated marketing system you signed up for through your network marketing company. You’ve been led to believe, though, that these costs are minimal and will be recouped in a very short period of time, if you follow a few tried and true steps. It’s time to generate some network marketing leads to recruit into your downline.

You start to believe everything they tell you. The products are the best in their category. The compensation plan is like no other. You have an amazing opportunity to share with your friends and family, so start with them as your warm network marketing leads. These people you speak to will benefit by using the products and building a business at the same time so that the products pay for themselves, and then beyond that, they will develop a nice secondary income. You, and they, can do this business in their spare time. Who knows, you may have just paved the road to retirement for them.

It gets better. Beyond your friends and family, there is a world of people just waiting for you to tell them about your opportunity – your cold network marketing leads (in other words, EVERYONE else). Once they hear your story, they will want to know immediately where to sign up. You are sharing the formula for riches and early retirement with everyone you know and/or meet.

But, are you really sharing? Or when it comes right down to it, are you really selling? Are these people REALLY your best network marketing leads?

Let’s take a look at why you got into network marketing in the first place. Please, be really honest here, no one is going to judge you, especially not I.

Why did you become a network marketer? Was this your childhood dream? I don’t know about you, but my childhood dream was to become an actress, a model, and a pianist (I know, what a combination, right?)! No, network marketer was not on my list of career choices in those tender years!

Do you TRULY love and believe in your company’s products with such a passion that it is your mission to make sure everyone on the planet is using those products? Listen, it is a good thing to like the products and for them to align with who you are and/or what you believe in (e.g. good health, green products), but I know (and I know you know this too) that was not the “be all, end all” reason for you to do this.

Were you driven by the prospect of making money and working from home? It’s okay to say “yes.”

If you were honest with yourself and admitted that, we can move forward with our eye on success, because the answer to this question holds THE KEY to ending the constant sponsoring battle between you and your network marketing leads. If you found it difficult admitting you are interested in making money, then first you must clear your limiting beliefs about money, wealth and abundance.

Let’s get back to the concept of finding network marketing leads by sharing your business. Stop lying to yourself! Stop believing what I call the biggest lie in network marketing – that you are sharing products and giving testimonials, and you are sharing a great business opportunity! Once financial gain is involved, you are SELLING. Yes, my friend, when trying to generate network marketing leads for your business, you are IN SALES.

Let’s look at the difference. When you recommend something to your friends, such as a natural hair care product free of preservatives and harmful chemicals that you just used, you are sharing a “great find” with them. You tell them you LOVE how your hair feels since you’ve been using it, and you’ve been getting loads of compliments about how healthy your hair looks. That is truly sharing a product with people, with no possibility of personal or financial gain. However, in the network marketing scenario, you tell your friends about this same product and how great it is, but the only way they can get it is by becoming a preferred customer and buying it from you. Suddenly the credibility of your recommendation goes down and your opinion no longer matters to them, because ultimately all they see is that you are looking to gain something or make a profit.