Internet marketers have employed article marketing to drive traffic to their websites and sales pages for years. Article marketing is the single best form of free traffic generation. As freelance writers, you have probably written some of the content for your private clients that they will use strictly for their article marketing strategy. There is a different form of marketing articles that writers can use to drive traffic to their revenue share and page view articles. This type of marketing is often referred to as forum marketing.

Article Marketing In Forums

Whatever niche you happen to write in, chances are there is a forum on the Internet. Forums are simply gathering places for people talking about a particular subject. There are forums on home improvement, making money, candle-making and thousands of other topics. Forums in your niche are a great place to find people who will gain value from your articles. These are also the same people who will look for other articles written by you for more informational reading.

Finding Forums For Your Article Marketing

Finding forums where you can market your articles is not nearly as difficult as finding forums to create backlinks. When you are article marketing on forums, it is not necessary to find do-follow forums because you are more interested in getting views to your article than simply getting backlinks. There are two simple methods of finding relative forums for your articles.

The first method is to simply type in your article keyword or niche keyword and add the word forum in your search browser. So if you needed to find a forum for your organic gardening articles your search would look like this: organic gardening + forum.

The second way is to go to a forum directory such as Forum Search or Forum Finder. Simply type in your keyword and these forum search engines bring back the most relevant forums to your keyword.

Effective Article Marketing In Forums

Once you find forums, it is time to market your articles. First set up your profile in each forum you join. Your profile consists of the normal stuff plus you get to great signatures for each of your posts. The signatures are where you will be doing your article marketing. Instead of posting articles to drive traffic to websites, you will be posting links to market your articles in your signature. For example if you just wrote an article on tomato leaf disease you would create an html signature using your main keyword. Then simply find threads where people are discussing tomato diseases.

The single key to success in article marketing in forums is useful participation without spamming or wasting time. Find topics that are relevant to the articles you want to promote. Participate in the discussion with more than just a one line response. Engage yourself in the conversation and have a link to your relevant article in your signature. People will automatically click on your link and go to your article. You can also change your signature as necessary. Just be an active participant in the community and bring value to the conversation.

Forums Are Useful Beyond Article Marketing

Marketing your articles through forums is not the only value that forums have. Forums are a great way to come up with your next article idea. Look through threads and find the common questions people are asking about in your niche. Then create articles based around those questions. This is one way I use forums in my Internet marketing business. Find the problem and solve the problem. Forums are also a good way to keep up with news and other things going on within your niche.