Here is my article marketing strategy revealed. I have been a successful internet marketer now for over 3 years and have specialized my skills in article marketing. Here is what I do to make money online through article marketing…

Find A Hungry Niche Market… this first step is very important! If you don’t find a “hungry” niche that is desperate for a product or service then you WON’T make any sales. There are literally millions of niches out there that are looking for a solution to their problems. A great way to find a niche is to look at web directories to see what categories and sub-categories exist!
Research That Niche Market… the next step is to research your niche market to see if they are desperate for a solution to their problems or if they are willing to spend money online. The best place to do your research is to visit forums related to your niche. This is where real people (your niche related audience) talk about their “needs and wants”. You can get some great inside information at these forums and develop a better understanding of what your targeted niche market wants.
Create Or Find A Product or Service… once you know what your targeted audience is looking for and what solutions they need help with you can then go about creating or finding a product or service that will fulfil their needs. If you don’t want to create a product you can take the affiliate marketer approach and look for a product that already exists and has an affiliate program attached to it. Here you market the vendor’s (product creator) service through your campaign and lead your visitors to their sales page where they hopefully buy the product. If a sale is made then you get a commission for that sale!
Create A Website Filled With Quality Content And Promotion… after you have found a quality product that meets your hungry niche market’s needs then you have to create a quality campaign around it. This will be your landing page after your targeted audience reads your articles. You need to provide relevant and quality information and also a call to action so that your visitors buy your product or click on your affiliate links to the vendor’s sales page. You need a website or Web 2.0 (Squidoo, Hubpages etc.) landing page to do article marketing. Most article directories wont let you put affiliate links straight from the article page.
Start Writing Quality And Relevant Articles… now you want to start driving quality targeted traffic to your campaign. This is where you need to start writing relevant articles for your niche market. You want your article content to be filled with quality and relevant information so that your visitors develop a “trust” with your knowledge and view you as an expert within the niche. You also want to have catchy and enticing titles so that your possible audience is compelled to read the content from your article. It is also important to put your targeted keywords within the title and in the body of your content so that your article shows up in the search engines for the particular keywords you have targeted. Another thing you must do is in your bio section of your article you must have “call to action” links that promote your site or offer. This is where you want your readers to click through to your campaign so that you can give them further valuable advice and promote your product or service to them.
Write MORE Quality and Relevant Articles… keep writing till your hand drops off… and then write some more! The more quality relevant content you have online targeting many low competition keywords means the more exposure you get which in turn means more targeted visitors visiting your website/campaign which in turn hopefully means MORE SALE FOR YOU!
Submit To Article Directories… make sure you submit your articles to quality article directories so that you get listed highly in the search engine rankings. Places like EzineArticles have a very good reputation for getting high ranks within the search engines due to the high quality of their sites.