Are you actively using the law of attraction in your business marketing plan? One of the most powerful ways to use it is in marketing. The new leading edge marketing term is “attraction marketing.” This is where you attract customers rather than actively seeking them. This new marketing paradigm is different from conventional marketing in several ways.

Conventional marketing or when you are ACTIVELY SEEKING clients by putting your message in front of people who are not actively looking for your services or products. They may be watching TV, relaxing at home, surfing the Internet, or driving a car. It is more of an interruption-type marketing. In other words, you are interrupting them in order to give them your pitch.

Some of these more conventional marketing strategies include:

Cold calling
TV and radio ads
Banner ads
Newspaper ads
E-zine ads
Door-to-door sales
Closing sales techniques
This kind of marketing relies on urging or pushing people into buying your products and it feels like a lot of effort. It can be very effective especially for those who need help making a decision. But this pushy kind of sales can also back-fire and cause buyer’s remorse, canceled sales, and refund requests. And it’s not always the most comfortable way to present your wares.
In contrast to that kind of marketing, attraction marketing uses the law of attraction to subtly and gently attract potential clients’ attention. Attraction marketing means that your ideal clients are ACTIVELY SEEKING what you are offering. Your potential clients are looking for information, products, and services like yours and want to know how you can solve their problems. You are not interrupting them. They are open to what you have to present to them and/or have asked for the information you are making available.

Some of these attraction marketing strategies include:

Blog ads
Newsletters to subscribers
Pay-Per Click ads
SEO of your website
Social media
Article marketing
This way of marketing is a soft-sell style. It takes less effort, feels like less effort, and gives you a better return on your investment. In fact many of these marketing techniques can be set up once and then run on auto-pilot with you just checking the stats on them.
Marketing by using the law of attraction also gives you a more targeted audience. This is because you can zero in on your niche more effectively with the above marketing strategies. Because the potential client is actively seeking you, you have already won “half of the battle.” Then all that is left for you to do is present your product or service in a compelling way.