Attraction marketing is a taking the network marketing industry by storm. So what is it you ask? Imagine yourself as the magnet and your prospects as the metal. The concept of having people drawn to you rather than chasing after them can be very powerful. Attraction marketing involves the use of some specific marketing techniques that position you as a leader, expert and professional. Since people are drawn to leaders, especially in the network marketing industry; by using the following MLM tools and strategies, prospects will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. There are many techniques so this will cover 3 specific and popular techniques that are being used today.


Although having a blog is not necessarily specific to network marketing, it is becoming quite the thing to do if you even own a computer. If your network marketing company sells a product this is a great place to advertise what that product is and more importantly why someone should work with you. This can be your central hub where you gather people back to through capture pages and other marketing means to learn who you are and what you are all about. If you are using a blog to attract people to you, make sure to be yourself when writing your posts. That way people get to know who you are, how you operate, what you do, how you do it and they learn to know you, love you and trust you. Always position yourself as a leader and people will be drawn to come back for more blog posts as well as let others know that your content is worth viewing. This is just a start.

Articles and Videos

Article marketing and video marketing are just 2 methods of branding yourself. This will give you content to post on the blog and also share virally on the web. These are 2 free and easy ways to spread content. When putting content out there, make sure you are bringing value to your targeted readers or watchers so that they want to come back for more. EzineArticles’ article directory is a great source to write content for if you choose article marketing and YouTube is a great place to start posting videos. Articles are a great way to express yourself in words. If you don’t feel that it is your cup of tea, then video is a great way to get your face out to the world. The suggestion is to have a nice mix of both. The goal is to keep people coming back for more, thus attraction marketing, so make sure to use creativity and keep the content valuable and relevant to your audience.

Social Media

Lastly, there is no better way to use attraction marketing that through the power of your online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace to name a few. The thing with using these sites for network marketing purposes is that you need to know who you are targeting, how to market yourself without pitching business upfront and attract a crowd. A few rules of thumb are to max out the number of people you can add every day. Make sure that you are adding people from target markets who are at least have an interest in network marketing, stay positive on these sites and post relevant content daily and for goodness sakes; have a conversation with them.

In conclusion, if you use these 3 strategies for your attraction marketing purposes, in no time you will have a large following of people who are interested in network marketing and are looking to follow a leader; YOU.