All that apparently glitters is not always gold and the same can be attributed to four markets that should be avoided for those starting information marketing. When beginning, the choice of what market to enter to offer information products to appears limitless, yet many newcomers tend to gravitate to the very ones they should avoid like the plague.

To ensure the best chance of success for your internet business start up and not waste time, effort and money you must forget about any thoughts you might have had about entering one of the following four big online markets. The first one is to offer financial advice or recommendations. This area is highly regulated and should be left to the professionals. If you dabble in buying and selling shares and think you can pass on your knowledge and tips just do not in any circumstance do it. You will be undertaking unlawful activity and have you even thought about the consequences if it all goes wrong? The big boys also have professional insurance to get them out of trouble. It is easier not to get into it in the first place. On the same level of warning, the second market to stay well clear of is anything to do with offering legal advice which quite simply should be off limits for the information marketer.

The third market to avoid when starting information marketing is the huge and often tantalising market of business opportunities. A few years ago this was an easy and successful method for a beginner to build a profitable internet business. It may not seem like a problem as it is easy to enter this market and offer a huge variety of products and services yet it is because huge numbers have done just that and the market is full to overflowing. If in any doubt just take a look at your email in box and see how many marketers are pushing the latest must have product, all putting a different slant on what is the same product. The only winners in this field are the big boys with deep pockets, lots of experience and who know advanced marketing techniques. This is quite simply a market you must stay away from at the beginning even though it looks to the inexperienced very tempting.

For the fourth market to avoid, you need to stay away from attempting to offer health advice, especially if you are offering a product such as supplements, even as an affiliate, that “claims” to do something. Or you think you can provide information that supposedly offers a cure for an ailment. This is a place you really do not want to step into and should be left to those who are professional qualified to offer such information. Yet this does not necessarily mean that this market is entirely closed and nothing health related can be offered. Such product formats as reports, or an eBook, audio or video that has been published by someone qualified to provide such information and is offering others the chance to sell it is absolutely fine. Or if you have experience of a health issue yourself and wish to offer information in terms of an account of such experience, just as long as you do not offer some miracle cure that has no medical foundation to it.

So if you stay clear of these four markets when starting information marketing, or if you wish to enter the health market then heed the advice, yet don’t think there is a limited choice of other potential markets out there. You have the ability to niche down and find amazing numbers of small groups of people who are hungry for information on a particular subject yet few info marketers are providing it for them. Now that is the kind of market that you, as an information marketer should be searching for.