Also known as web marketing or e-marketing, online marketing refers to processes that are executed online, via World Wide Web, utilizing various advanced techniques, in order to create awareness about the services that a host offers. With the global impact of the internet, internet marketing tends to create a one-on-one relation with the customers over website and bring profit for the organization.

Online marketing is somewhat related with Search Engine Optimization. And when e-marketing is blended with Search Engine Optimization, it can bring out overwhelming results. The duo can see rapid increase in traffic of the website and high ranking, creating a better brand awareness for an organization. Internet marketing is associated with several business models such as e-commerce, Lead-based Websites, Local Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

The Online marketing services include certain tools and they are Pay per Click Campaign, Social Media and Social Networking, Banner Ads, Press Release Submission and article submission. Internet marketing can also be done via e-mail and wireless media and this further broadens the scope of e-marketing.

One of the basic fundamentals of online marketing services is Pay per Click campaign. This tool helps in drastic increase of the website traffic. On executing this method in the right way, higher return is guaranteed on the investment you make.

With the Social Networking sites becoming very popular among masses, many businesses are using these social networking sites to promote their business. Creating a business page and submitting them in these sites will create a platform of direct interaction with the targeted audience. Since, there are no initial investments involved in these; you can generate bigger scope of profit for your organization. Viral Marketing is also a useful tool for Online Marketing. Viral Marketing uses social networking sites to develop a one-on-one dialogue with the consumers, in the process create a better brand awareness.

Informative and News worthy content in a website also makes a visitor aware about an organization. Using well-researched keywords in the Content, hyper linking these keywords and submitting these crisp copies to different directories will help in increasing the page rank of the website. So, Articles and Press Releases also form an integral part of Online Marketing.

Advantages of Online Marketing are discussed below:

• Inexpensive – Investment required to reach the target audience is relatively low, yet the desired results can be achieved quickly.

• Evaluating the right policies are easy – Statistics of all e-marketing campaigns can be evaluated easily. A marketer can infer which of the advertiser’s policies are yielding fruitful results. Since most of the online marketing services require users to click on an ad, then visit the website and perform targeted action, the results can be easily tracked and measured.

Thorough research and analysis is the prime key to the success of all online marketing services. If the marketing strategies are well-framed, then there is every possibility of achieving the desired result. Using tools such as Google Keyword Tool, Quantcast, and Market Samurai can also bring even more success.