Too many Danes drink too much. And once you get into an alcohol abuse, it’s hard to get out of it again on your own.

The latest estimate for how many Danes are dependent on alcohol is over 140,000 people. Nevertheless, according to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, there were only 17,583 people in public alcohol treatment in 2018. So there are thousands of people in Denmark who drink too much – but who are not in alcohol detoxification.

One of the reasons for this is that it is very difficult to get out of one’s addiction on one’s own. At Alfa-Fredensborg, we therefore offer professional alcohol detoxification. That way, you are not alone with the detox – neither as an alcoholic nor as a relative of one.

Below you can read more about how alcohol withdrawal can be the first step on the road to a better life – without abuse.

24-hour alcohol detoxification

If you are very involved in your alcohol abuse, and you may also have other health problems associated with the abuse, 24-hour alcohol detox may be the best solution.

24-hour detox can also be a good way to kick-start your alcohol treatment if you want to see quick and effective results. The 24-hour treatment takes place in a sheltered setting far from everyday life and the environment you normally move in. In this way, it can be easier to focus on the treatment, break your bad habits and become sober.

At the same time, by far the few who drink too much are themselves able to seek help for alcohol detoxification. Most addicts deny that they have an addiction problem and therefore they continue to drink. Therefore, it is often the relatives who make the difficult choice that it is time to seek help for alcohol detoxification.

If you are in doubt about whether you have an addiction that requires treatment, you can take our alcohol test and become wiser about your drinking habits. The test is a tool that can help you determine if you have an alcohol problem that requires treatment. You can also read more about when you are an alcoholic here.

Whether you yourself have come to the realization that you are drinking too much or you are a relative of an alcoholic, you can always contact us for an advisory interview. In this way, together we can clarify how the addict best gets through alcohol detoxification.