Beware the Brandless Marketing Consultant

In part one of this series, I revealed in detail about a particular breed of marketers I have become aware of who have no real qualifications or experience but manage to somehow trick business owners into hiring them as marketing professionals.

This is not only incredibly frustrating for me as a marketer, but puts new business owners at real risk of jeopardising their success.

In this post I am focusing on the brandless marketing consultant. This fake marketers has a do as I say, not as I do attitude, telling you to brand your business when they don’t have one themselves. Just as you wouldn’t trust a solicitor who runs their business in an unlawful way, so why would you ever trust a marketer who runs their business without proper marketing?

Is branding really that important?

Consider yourself as a consumer. Even if it’s on an almost subconscious level, branding is what you look to when finding information about a product and it is the way you identify your favourite products in the future.

Amongst the masses of choices in the supermarket aisle, we seek out our favourite brand and consider their new products or turn to our old favourites. We form a relationship with the brand and develop trust.

Branding is one of the most important things a marketer will do for you; it is the foundation for all subsequent advertising and promotional activity.

Brandless Marketers

Put simply, a marketing consultant should have a higher level of understanding of the importance of branding than anyone else. What kind of legitimate, experienced marketers would attempt to market their own business without a brand?

The brandless marketer is one of the easiest fake marketers to spot. No brand? No go.

The importance of registration

If a potential marketing consultant has a brand, the next thing to check is whether or not that brand is registered.

Registering a brand, both the logo and name, is the only way to legally protect your most valuable asset -your brand.