Are you new to the internet marketing world? Are you confused by what blog and e-mail marketing are? This articles discusses both blog and e-mail marketing and how they differ.

Blog and e-mail marketing may get confused, but they are not the same thing. They both involve marketing a product or service. However, they are two very different ways of going about marketing something. Yes, most marketing is generally the same. Even online or offline, marketing involves knowing a target audience, promoting something to them and selling something.

Blog marketing is when someone uses a create to promote a product or service. A blog involves making regular posts related to the blog’s specific market. Blogs are mostly text-based, but sometimes include photos and videos. Not only does blog marketing involve promoting something, but also promoting the blog. If people don’t know about the blog, they might not know about the product or service the blog is dedicated to. Bloggers are always trying to make their blog well known so they can gain readership and make more money. Promoting a blog requires using keywords, SEO, and links.

E-mail marketing is when a person or company sends out e-mails to promote their product or service. This form of marketing usually involves regular e-mail newsletters. People sign up and become part of a mailing list. It is all about promoting and making money, just like blog marketing.

If someone has a website and doesn’t want to start a blog, they would go with e-mail. People also have to sign up to receive e-mail marketing and can unsubscribe to it. Bloggers market anywhere and everywhere they can. They post links on all different websites and blogs. They make videos and link them to their blogs. They put articles on article submission websites and include their link. It is about getting blogs to show up higher in search engine results. E-mail marketing isn’t concerned with search engine rankings.

All forms of marketing have similarities.Marketing is marketing. Both blog and e-mail marketing have to be interesting and grab people’s attention. E-mail marketing usually includes links to a website where people can purchase things. Blog marketing is about directing people to a blog where they become interested and read the blog regularly and possibly purchase something too. Both are very effective ways of marketing. So many people use the internet for everything nowadays. The internet is used to school, work, entertainment, communication, shopping, etc. Marketing things online is a really smart way to go.