Do you struggle with knowing how to market your network marketing business? Marketing is a crucial part of your success in network marketing so knowing how to market your business is essential. Many people confuse publicity and advertising with marketing. Marketing and advertising are similar albeit not the same. In order to be truly successful with your network marketing business you must plan a marketing strategy and stick to your strategy. Here are five keys to planning a successful marketing strategy for your network marketing business.

Who is your target market? Often when someone who has never been involved in network marketing before begins their business they wrongly assume that their target market is everyone. Although people of all backgrounds, races, religions and interests may potentially be interested in partnering with you, your target market is not the entire world or even everyone in a given country, state, or age category. Take some time to carefully consider who your real target market is. This may include people of a certain profession, as well as people who share certain hobbies or life experiences. When determining your target market, be sure to consider who would naturally be drawn to your products due to their unique qualities or profession.

How can you best reach your target market? There is no one correct answer to this. For most target markets the answer will be a combination of two-four methods. With the popularity of technology, for most markets you will want to include some kind of internet marketing. Other methods to consider include: networking groups, cold calling to businesses, running ads, calling people of a certain profession, press releases, and working your warm market.

Which method will you utilize first? Again, which method you begin with will vary slightly according to the market, but in general, you will need to choose your first method based on how much money you have to invest along with how much time you have. For example, if you work full-time and have some money to invest, then running some targeted ads may be the best first approach. However, if you are not working full-time and you have less money to invest then you may want to begin with working your warm market and then expand into networking with other business professionals. In any case, you will need to develop a written plan and it is important to be careful to avoid getting too involved with one method to the point that you neglect the others.

Be flexible and coachable. Although it is important to plan in advance and to stick to your plan as much as possible, you also need to be willing to make adjustments and to learn from and to accept advice who more experienced and more successful network marketers. However, be careful who you take advice from and avoid working on too many methods and projects at once.

Do your homework and your research. This includes speaking with other network marketers either in your company or in similar markets. Who are they targeting and why? How are they targeting these people? What is working for them and what could use improvement? Many others have paved the way before you so learn from their experience and mistakes and avoid making too many of your own.

In short planning a successful marketing strategy before you take massive action with your network marketing business will insure your long-term success and will help you to avoid wasting valuable time and money.