It always surprises me how much money you can make
by selling other people’s stuff on the Internet.
The real numbers never truly hit you until you
fill out your taxes. Eight years in and the numbers
still shock me. Always.

More than the numbers, what really amazes me the
most is the lifestyle one can achieve from online
marketing. You can be your own boss, work your
own hours, carry out your business from anywhere
in the world you want to live. You can create
automatic marketing systems that work 24/7/365
days of the year. Earn money even when you’re
sleeping, vacationing or out enjoying a gourmet
meal at your favorite restaurant. Total freedom.

So is it any wonder then why I am constantly
analyzing my whole marketing structure to figure
out what is working and what is not working?
Finding out just what strategies are giving me
the best returns on my efforts and time. And I
am constantly trying to discover just what I
can do to increase my affiliate sales and online

It basically means breaking down your online
marketing into its core elements and examining
each one with close scrutiny. What can be improved?
What can be eliminated? What needs to be redesigned?
Any serious online marketer must be actively working
on these core elements to stay competitive in the
affiliate game.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some simple
marketing strategies that can affect and contribute
to your success for selling affiliate products on
the web. Marketing factors that should always be
at the back of your mind, influencing your every move.

Quality Content

People use the web to find quality content or
information. Always remember this fact and apply
it to each step of your marketing plan – give your
visitors quality content and you will succeed online.
There are no ironclad guarantees, but get this one
step right and you will probably make money online.

Design your website and your web pages around quality
content. Useful, relevant content will give people
a reason to come to your site and also give them a
reason to return. Provide good information first and
let the sale or selling be secondary. People do not
like a pushy salesperson, not in real life and not on
the web. Develop a friendly, helpful relationship
with your potential customer and you will succeed.

Keyword Driven

The Internet is keyword driven. These are words or
phrases people type into search engines to find what
they’re looking for on the web. They are also your
keys to online success if you’re going the SEO route,
picking the right keywords will be your main starting

Professional marketers use keyword software like
Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite to research and find
their profitable keywords, but there are many free
tools/sites which you can find online to help you
do your keyword research — is a good one.
Daily monitoring of your major keywords is also
important to keeping them in the top positions.
Any movement downwards should spark more link and/or
content building immediately.

Keep in mind, Google, which controls 60 percent of
the web’s search traffic, is also a great source
of information on your keywords. Use Google to
search the sites in the top 10 spots for your
keywords; also check Google for the Paid Ads
related to your keywords and monitor these ads
over a period of time to see which ones are
profitable. Do your keyword homework and your
affiliate marketing will be a lot easier.

Niche Focused

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you must
concentrate your efforts on small niche markets
where the competition is not too stiff. Choosing
the right niche markets is vital to your affiliate
success. Demand should be high and/or you’re selling
a high-ticket custom item.

Once you have chosen your particular niches, concentrate
on dominating these in all the search engines. But don’t
forget that the fastest and sometimes the most profitable
way to tackle a niche is through PPC (Pay Per Click)
advertising — especially if there is little or low
bidding on your keywords. Google AdWords, Yahoo
Marketing, MicroSoft AdCenter… should be explored
and tried.

List Building

The power is always in the list. Make sure you collect
the contact information of your site’s visitors. Offer
free ebooks, guides, special deals or bonuses… to get
your prospects to opt-in to your AR follow-up systems.
Studies have shown that people usually don’t buy until
the six or seventh follow-up.

I like building hundreds of micro-lists for all my
major promoted affiliate products. These follow-ups
with specialized information and special deals, coupons
and bonuses will increase your sales.


Obviously, traffic is one of the key elements to
earning money online mainly because without traffic
you’re dead in the water. You must explore all avenues
to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate links.
These sources are always changing; blogging and social
bookmark sites are very important now. So too are video
and audio formats so make sure you use them in your

Article marketing has worked extremely well for me
and it is, along with search traffic, the main reason
I can earn income online. A simple marketing technique
that still works because articles will bring targeted
traffic to your site or sites.

Conversion Rates Are Crucial

In affiliate marketing or in any kind of marketing,
your conversion rates are crucial to your success.
You can get all the targeted traffic you want but
if you can’t turn those visitors into a sale, it’s
game over.

Your sales pages or content must convert into a sale
in order for you to succeed. With affiliate marketing
it is a little trickier because not only do your pages
have to “pre-sell” the affiliate product but the landing
page/site where you send that traffic must also convert
into a sale.

However, I have discovered one of the keys to high
conversion rates has nothing to do with landing pages,

sales pitches, etc., but has to do mainly with which
products that you decide to promote. You must thoroughly
research your affiliate products and ONLY promote the
top quality brands in your niche and you will have much
better success. Also choosing products that are only
available online will increase your conversion numbers;
so too will promoting products that offer special discount
coupons and deals.

Multiple Streams & Residual Income

Any serious online marketer will leverage their traffic
and marketing by promoting many different products and
services. They will develop different sources of income
from their sites with affiliate links, Google AdSense,
paid advertising, partnerships… are all used to develop
multiple streams of income. It one should dry up, there
are countless others still producing income.

I have found the major third-party affiliate networks
like Commission Junction, LinkShare, Shareasale, Affiliate
Window, Amazon are really good for finding and promoting
products online. These sites will handle all the record
keeping and sales stats for you. Plus, they send your
monthly checks to you like clockwork. All you have to
worry about is providing quality traffic to your affiliate

However, like any professional marketer, I save my
special promotions and efforts to affiliate products
or services that will give me a high return on my marketing
efforts. Mainly, I only promote high-ticket items or
products that will give me residual income. Make one
sale; get paid time and time again. I also like forming
partnerships with companies so that I get a percentage
of the sales for the life of any client I refer. Those
arrangements have special priority for the obvious reason
they give me long-term residual income.

Testing Will Show You The Money.

Perhaps, like in those multiple-choice exams, there
is one sticking point. You can check-off “None of the
above” if you don’t apply one thing for all of the
“success strategies” listed above.

You Must TEST Everything.

You must constantly test and track what is working
and what is not? Which traffic is converting? Which
keywords are converting? Which products are converting?
Which niches are profitable… you simply must TEST and
KNOW which factors are working in your online marketing
structure? Unless you test and track everything you will
be marketing blind, and that’s no way to run an online

I have found Google Analytics to be extremely helpful
for testing and improving your conversion rates. I am
also a firm believer in the daily reading of your traffic
logs and stats… these places will show you where the
real money is hiding. Use this information to improve
your traffic and sales.

Like any endeavor, the more knowledge you have, the more
successful you will be in reaching your goals. This is
especially true for affiliate marketing on the web. And
always remember, affiliate marketing does take some
work and time to set-up, but the rewards are extremely
rewarding. I hope you will use some of the marketing tips
I have given you so you can experience these rewards
for yourself.