Affiliate Marketing In Internet Marketing

The overwhelming majority of Internet marketers are affiliate marketers. This simply means that the majority of Internet marketers don’t have or don’t want to have their own products or programs to market and they promote other people’s programs, products and services and earn commissions when sales or membership fees are concluded from an affiliate specific link (a URL to a product or program embedded with the specific affiliate’s unique user name or number)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an affiliate marketer. In fact, there are thousands of hugely successful and super-wealthy affiliate marketers, building their fortunes purely with affiliate commissions.

Being An Affiliate Marketer Does Not Mean You Cannot Build Your Own Brand And Business

Having a product to market, no matter how spectacular that product may be, would be of no relevance whatsoever if that product is not successfully promoted or marketed. And it would generally be affiliate marketers who take up the responsibility of supplying a market to a product by creating awareness of it and sending visitors to the product sales page from where website visitors are converted into customers.

Unfortunately, it seems that many affiliate marketers are of the opinion that being “only an affiliate marketer” they don’t have to build their own brand, their own online identity and don’t need to establish their credibility as marketers and build a relationship of trust with prospective customers.

This, in my view, is not only the most common mistake made by affiliate marketers, but also the most fatal marketing error preventing them from long-term and sustained success as Internet marketers.

As an affiliate marketer you should promote you, build your business and your list of email subscribers. And there is no reason on earth why you cannot do this while you are promoting another person’s products!

For example, many affiliate marketers are inclined to sending out emails promoting other people’s businesses without building their own list of subscribers and building their own business. This could be easily solved by sending people to your own branded opt-in page for further information about the product you are promoting. This way, you not only stand a better chance to conclude sales by offering more quality pre-sell information and repeatedly refer the person to the product, but now you have also captured the contact particulars of a prospective customer with whom you can build a relationship into future.