An affiliate marketing ebook is something you should give serious consideration to writing if you have been successfully involved in affiliate marketing. If you keep in mind that at one point in time you were just getting started in the affiliate business and you probably wished that someone would have provided a roadmap. Writing your own marketing eBook will allow you to share your secrets of success with the affiliate just getting started as a reseller. This article will focus primarily on the crucial success factors you should share in your own affiliate marketing ebook.

Due in part to a perceived lack of good online HOW to affiliate marketing information there is a great need for affiliates who have proven themselves in affiliate marketing business promotion to share their well earned information from the affiliate markets with new marketers. This can take the form of training programs and affiliate marketing ebooks.

Affiliate Marketing eBook Suggestions

Of course these are just a few suggestions that me and other successful online marketers would think would justify a new entry into the affiliate promotion business. These are by no means exhaustive and in fact are shared to spur even more creativity on the part of my fellow associate affiliates.

Idea #1 – Describe Your Beginnings

It is always helpful to have an idea where a successful person started to inspire you to make the link from where they started out from and in some cases avoid some of the same pitfalls. In this case you should leave nothing out and describe your humble affiliate marketing beginnings and all of the pitfalls you encountered starting out in affiliate marketing.

Idea #2 – Tell Your Current Story

Since you have already shared where you started from in affiliate marketing then the next bridge is to share your current level of success. In addition to the obvious financial success you should go into some detail about how your lifestyle has changed and what options you currently enjoy that you didn’t before.

Idea #3 – Give YOUR Reason For Writing An Ebook

Sometimes when you want to get a point across it can be powerful to in addition to giving examples also give the reason WHY. By actually putting it down in concrete form you will help a large number of people get focused because they will harmonize with your reasons why.

Idea #4 – Describe The Fundamentals

It has been stated elsewhere that repetition is the mother of all skills and that includes affiliate marketing as well. Don’t make the assumption that by describing known affiliate marketing fundamentals that you will be vainly repeating what has been said before. YOUR specific way of communicating will enable some group of people to understand something that maybe they just couldn’t grasp before. So when you are describing your affiliate marketing system make sure you start each process from the very beginning and define the lingo for the newbies as you go along.

Idea #5 – Document YOUR Processes

You don’t have to give away your specific affiliate marketing plan, rather you can abstract those processes you think are uniquely valuable into there more generic counterparts. If done correctly there should be little lost in the translation. For example, give your readers a sequence of processes to follow:

Affiliate Marketing System Example
P1) Explain affiliate marketing account set-up
P2) Explain targeted traffic generation (i,e, pay-per-click)
P3) Explain HOW to best use the traffic
P4) Explain how to test and improve each process for continuous and never ending improvement (CANI)

Also without losing clarity for the beginners make sure you include more advanced information so that even experienced affiliates can find value in your marketing eBook offering.

Idea #6 – Provide HOW To Information And Advice

One of the biggest complaints by newbies getting started in the affiliate marketing business is the idea that most affiliate marketing eBook offerings only give WHAT to do information instead of HOW TO practical advice. In addition when you are sharing a technique that can be unclear make sure you provide well thought examples to illustrate them.