No matter what niche your affiliate marketing business occupies, monetization must start with significant volumes of relevant traffic, and yes, that is the lifeblood of your affiliate marketing business. I firmly believe whether you are a novice or hardened internet marketer/affiliate marketer that there is no stronger resource available or more reliable and cost-effective way to build your affiliate business than article marketing.

Regardless as to whether you merely want to convert a hobby into a money-maker instead of a money-spender, or whether you ultimately want to quit your day job article marketing is a great starting point. Another fantastic tool I have used to “monetize” and drive “traffic” to my sites has been link strategies obtaining reciprocal links gets you ranked quicker than anything else.

It is in the best interest for the affiliate to send the best targeted traffic to the advertiser as is possible to increase the chance of a conversion. The affiliate builds that traffic by carefully addressing the individual interests of each user and tailoring their content to potential customers needs and expectations, before delivering a call to action through to your site.

My advice is to build a web site that works as the lifeblood of a growing affiliate business is traffic my friends and if you build your site correctly that traffic will come in floods.

It also helps you to monetize your traffic in non affiliate ways, so not only do you own your self-produced targeted traffic, but you’ll also be able to build a large e-zine list. The key, of course, is owning your own traffic. Once you have your highly targeted traffic, the next question is why not monetize your traffic by offering other products and/or services. The reason I say this is like countless offers that we all see every day, some of your high-volume, pre-sold traffic will not ultimately be interested in your merchants products. Therefore it’s a good idea to have more than one string to your bow to offer your prospects.

Something else I feel is worth pointing out to you and extremely important that you take on board is that a lack of focus on creating traffic, is also one of the main reasons why most affiliates fail and give up before they “make it”. They fall by the wayside way before they can become “super affiliates” who generate $10, 000 and more in commission (not sales) per month.

So again just to re confirm concentrated effort on traffic generation is “paramount” to your “success” my friends. Refer your ever-growing, highly motivated traffic to related merchants (auto accessories, car dealers, etc)that traffic flow is called a “clickstream, then convert that content into traffic and that traffic into dollars $$$’s, Euro’s etc.

The concept of revenue sharing, paying commission for referred business, predates that of affiliate marketing and the internet. Some businesses owe much of their success to this marketing technique, a notable example being amazon. The increase in the number of internet businesses in combination with the increased number of people that trust the current technology enough to do shopping and business online caused and still causes a further maturing and “explosion” of affiliate marketing.

I’ve been coached by several affiliate marketing experts and online business mentors over the years regarding how to get life time commissions from “my” affiliate businesses. I still continue to get coaching today as I encourage “you” to do as without it “your” business will wither and die. I’m also a firm believer that if you continue to “learn” then “you” continue to “grow” both yourself and your business.

Whilst given it’s most simple “explanation” affiliate marketing simply means you send people to your affiliated merchants, then get paid when they buy. Great thing is you don’t have to handle or ship a product, your merchants do that and you’ll never have to answer customer e-mail inquiries and support as these are 24/7 issues that can easily eat up 50% of your day.

However if you don’t have the right system, advice, guidance and training from the outset then all of what I gave above as a very simple overview of affiliate marketing will come to nothing. I don’t want to appear to over stress this point, but I cannot over emphasise enough how Important this is to your future success that you put in place a system that works.

However I wish to strongly point out again that you are after all, building a business, therefore like starting any business you must be willing and ready to work to build your affiliate marketing business. If you are not prepared to do so then without wishing to be
harsh my advice to you is to stop reading now, as you will be wasting my time and yours going any further.

Ultimately anyone who wants to build a business without time and effort is doomed to disappointment.

Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly since it its inception, and as the web expands daily so does affiliate marketing. Therefore affiliate marketing is considered one of the best ways to earn money online.

It is very important to also note is that affiliate marketing is the worlds fastest growing online marketing technique, based on the measured exchange of money for clicks, visitors, subscribers, leads or sales generated through advertising or promotional content.

As I already mentioned earlier in my article according to one report, total sales generated through affiliate networks in 2006 was $2 Billion and has grown exponentially up to now 2008 to a figure far in excess of that worldwide. To put that figure into context according to e-consultancy network buyers guide 2008, the UK affiliate market alone grew 45% last year, taking the total value of sales in this channel to a whopping 3 billion. That is an incredible figure when you consider in 2006 the worldwide figure was only $2 billion and again demonstrates what a huge opportunity affiliate marketing represents to us all going forward.