Affiliate marketing suits stay-at-home mums because it provides intellectual stimulation and the catalyst for building social networks online. At the same time affiliate marketing can be a lucrative source of income to offset the loss of income and additional expenses of child rearing.

Affiliate Marketing provides four key sources of intellectual stimulation that can contribute to the psychological, social and physical well-being of stay-at-home mums:

1. The challenge of mastering the affiliate marketing process

Affiliate marketing is a life-long learning pursuit. It takes of lot of skill and experimentation to find an appropriate niche and an effective marketing strategy. However, there are very few barriers to entry and there are many free sources available for creating and marketing an online affiliate business. One of the secrets is to focus to accelerate your learning and then utilise your affiliate income in the early stages to fund further learning and marketing.

2. The opportunity to share your expertise

The wisest course in affiliate marketing is to start with products and services related to your field of expertise and interest. Stay-at-home mums can gain a real sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from sharing their expertise and passions through affiliate marketing activities. Social marketing sites such as Squidoo are designed explicitly to enable anyone to share their knowledge and interest on any topic. These no-cost platforms provide a very wide range of tools for this purpose. By sharing your expertise you also attract people who have similar interests.

3. The connections and stimulation from online social networks

Affiliate marketing today thrives on Web 2.0 technology and related social networking activity. Stay-at-home mums can build their Internet profile and social networks through any of the many social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Squidoo. Blogging too can provide a means of building and connecting a personal following. The emergence of podcasting and video marketing adds further potential for personalizing your marketing. Again, focus is important in the first instance, but the opportunities to grow a social and business network are numerous.

4. The catalyst for creative activity

Affiliate marketing is a great catalyst for creative endeavor. One of the more satisfying activities is to create your own products (no matter how small). This develops a sense of achievement, a steady cash flow and the potential to fund further product development and marketing. Many of the social networking sites, such as Squidoo, facilitate creativity by enabling multi-media presentations with a point-and-click technology. It has never been easier to create something that is new, fascinating and attractive to others. You can now even turn your photos into animated musical videos with a simple web-based technology.

One of the best foils for the isolation and depression experienced by many stay-at-home mums is focused activity. Affiliate marketing provides a catalyst for undertaking such activity as it brings rewards in terms of intellectual stimulation, personal satisfaction, social connection and increased income. It’s important, at the outset, however, to choose a sound affiliate marketing plan to avoid frustration and unnecessary loss of income.