Today’s customers won’t tolerate sales pitches being thrown at them. They know what they want and how to get it. So the marketers of today have to learn how to put their product or services where the customers are. The internet! But many network marketers are stuck in the old model, still throwing home parties and selling to everyone they run into. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Now every stay at home mom, every employee stuck in a dead end job, and anyone that has had dreams of starting their own business can get the knowledge necessary to change their life.

We live in an exciting time. We have choices and access to things our parents and grandparents couldn’t even dream about. Most people spend their lives getting up every morning going to a job they hate because they can’t see any other way to make enough money to pay their bills. The idea of owning their own business was a dream as far fetched as flying to the moon. Except for network marketing. This was reserved for mothers of school children to be done with home parties and usually for “fun money”. The only people that made any real money were the distributors and large companies that started the business. But by the time the profit trickled down to the home marketer it was watered down to such a degree that people usually made little if any money at all.

Their upline talked about things like the 3-foot-rule, warm markets, your “why”, etc, etc. But what most marketers learned was that it was too hard, it took too much time away from their families, and usually because of the cost of supplies, inventory, samples, and gasoline (to mention just a few) they lost money instead of making it. So most people dropped out within the 1st 3 months.

Then along came the internet, people are buying like they never did before. They have access to services and products that they never knew existed but they can’t live without. The only problem for the home network marketer was that they were not on this new network! Millions of people looking for something to buy and they are not there! Why? Because they didn’t know how! Fear that only “computer geeks” could figure it out. Fear that it was only for big business. Fear that is would cost too much money to hire someone to design a website for them. Fear it was too hard. Fear they were not smart enough. Fear that they tried network marketing once and lost money and don’t want to loose any more. The list goes on and on. But the worst of all is fear of failure. And based on statistics, that fear is not ungrounded.

But the times are changing. We have entered into a new age. An age of social marketing and Web 2.0. An age where every child, grandmother and everyone in between is surfing the net, posting things on You Tube, My Space, Facebook, and setting up Blogs like there is no tomorrow. And today’s network marketer has a golden opportunity, never before seen, that can take them from rock bottom to the pinnacle of success so fast they won’t know what hit them. The only problem is that most network marketers don’t know that. And the ones that do are themselves surfing the net, bombarded by other network marketers using the internet to sell the ultimate marketing system. So the “3-foot-rule” is still there but it has evolved to the “fingertip-rule” (in case you have not heard of this yet it is because I just made it up) where everyone you ever wanted to sell to is on their keyboard which is right under their fingertips.

So now network marketing [] has become internet network marketing. We have to learn new phrases like MLM and affiliates, monetizing and attraction marketing. And it is all very confusing for the average person just starting out. Which system do you use? They all look good. Of course they should for the money that was probably spent developing their landing page and/or lead capture page (more terms you have to learn). They all promise to make you rich, if not overnight then certainly within the month. But how do you determine the good ones from the scams?

Well I believe in making money, I believe in the American dream, but I also believe that nothing in life is free and that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve real success. The kind that lasts. So I believe that with the exception of a very few people that are able to do this on their own, the new network marketers need to do their research, possibly take the leap and buy a system or two that won’t break the bank until they find the system that works for them. A system that teaches all about social marketing and all the other things that the internet has to offer. Teaches them how to start a few blogs, write a few articles, get a domain name and set up a website all in the hopes that the search engines will find them and like them enough to put their pages high enough to be found and drive traffic to them. A system that can give them the tools they need to take the first step on the road to that home business success they have been dreaming about.

The old network marketing strategies don’t work, at least not anymore. And the new age of internet attraction marketing can give marketers the confidence and courage they need to try something new.

It’s called attraction marketing because it is designed to bring your leads and prospects to you. It is a departure from the old school thinking of how to build a network business. This is not to say that people can’t make money the old way, some can. But they are few and far between. The new attraction marketing model employs tactics that can be done by anyone that has even a small budget and a few hours a week to begin with. As your time and resources grow, you can put those to use to benefit your growth in other ways offered by the internet, such as increasing your bid price on Google and Yahoo and the like to drive even more traffic to your site. There are even enterprising souls out there that have started businesses based on teaching people how to use the systems they bought to start their attraction internet marketing businesses with step-by-step instruction for beginners. I have personally benefited from using sites such as this.