Since the introduction of Ann Sieg’s “The Renegade Network Marketer”, the MLM arena has never been quite the same. In her revealing and enlightening system, marketers are taught and encouraged to maintain cash flow, even during the critical times when significant resources are being spent to expand their MLM business. For a long time, network marketers have been struggling with poor marketing techniques, resulting in frequent rejection and loss of money. And the main reason for this is that novice, and even veteran network marketers, were never really taught how to market properly and effectively.

Years ago, those new to network marketing were taught, by their uplines, all of the ineffective and sometimes even embarrassing methods to build a marketing business. “Old techniques” involved things like making a list of all the people you knew (family members, friends, and associates), chasing them around and soliciting them to join you on your quest to getting rich quick. Printing and handing out business cards and flyers, or even hosting meetings at libraries, college campuses, or hotels, we’re not uncommon network marketing techniques. Not only did hard working network marketers face rejection more often than not, but they also spent more money than they ever received in return from their “investments.”

And we all remember the 3-foot rule — out in the field, any human being positioned within 3 feet of you is a qualified prospect. The rule was to initiate a conversation and attempt to sell your product or idea to all qualified prospects. This was a great way to hone speaking and relationship building skills, but was utterly ineffective at what a network marketer hopes and is set out to achieve.

A typical salesperson would go to work each day, and probably flip open a phone book and start dialing from A to Z, for dollars. Though it may not be the most effective of methods, this is a common way that salespeople generate sales for products or services that they sell. Some do make a ton of money this way, but it is a numbers game that they are willing to engage in and play every day. As Ann Sieg reveals in the “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”, marketing is drastically different from sales and, thus, a clear distinction, in the income generating methods that each breed embraces, must be drawn.

To combat the problem that most network marketers have been facing — generating and maintaining cash flow at the outset of starting their business — enter the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, Attraction Marketing emphasizes the importance of attracting prospective clients to look for you, rather than vice versa. Running an effective MLM business requires solid, promising targeted leads. Chasing people around may be good for the health of your heart, but the chances of making any money are slim.

Using Ann’s book as a springboard, Mike Klinger founded the Renegade University and have created a plethora of step-by-step video tutorials and instructional content to ease the pain of having to sift through hundreds of pages in the book. If you are just starting in network marketing, these video tutorials will prove to be the most resourceful and helpful aides on your journey to long term success. By simply watching and listening, you will learn all the steps and strategies you need to specifically implement a network marketing business that suits you and your lifestyle, saving you from all the trouble that normally comes along with guesswork.

Beginning in the late 1990s, many people have turned away from their regular jobs in search of business opportunities on the Internet. The race to quit the rat race is still prevalent, and may be more competitive than ever before. Every day, new Internet businesses are flaring up, yet the horrifying statistical truth is that most fail within a couple of months. Nonetheless, there are still many more people actively searching, and hoping to hop onto the right train, at the right time.

As an awakening Internet network marketer trained in effective Attraction Marketing, providing a service or product that people are continuously searching for, is great, but that’s only the former half of the challenge. The latter half involves positioning your MLM business in such a fashion that those actively seeking your offer can actually locate you. Pioneered by Ann, many have joined “the movement” to transforming their MLM businesses from negative to positive in profits.

In essence, the “old techniques” are just that – old. In this new generation networking marketing, properly implementing an Attraction Marketing campaign using the Internet and other resources as primary tools to capture qualified leads, is the name of the game. There is no doubt that “the movement” will continue to increase in pace and expand, and have far reaching effects on many global economies, large or small.

I am an Internet & network marketing business coach assisting beginners & leaders in creating positive cash flow. I know the importance of helping others get what they want. If you have desire…we will have you producing results (income) by ATTRACTING people into your business who want what you have to offer by assisting you through our powerful step-by-step video courses.

I will put you on the fast-track to get your business up and producing so you can attract prospects to you as a true solutions provider.

I work with both network marketing leaders who seek a crash course in this new attraction-based marketing model and with beginners who are just beginning their exciting internet business. You’ll obtain the tools and know-how that get your business up and running fast while positioning you as the expert.