You’re a business with a great product/service that truly provides a need for customers everywhere. You’re price competitive, likable, unique and a trustworthy brand. You know that you’ve got a lot of things going for you and you have a great opportunity with the product/service you provide – but you don’t know a thing about how to go promoting yourself. You’re going to need some reinforcements – you’re going to need a mainstream marketing company. It’s a common fact that over the years, marketing and advertising companies have been titled as “money-grubbing” and get the reputation that they only look out for themselves as opposed to what should guarantee their success – representing the client. It is also becoming more and more apparent that some marketing companies are having difficultly making the transitions from the traditional advertising methods to more mainstream advertising practices. So if the time comes where you think you could use a little extra help – how do you know what to look for in a good marketing company? The mainstream marketing company that will best suit the needs of your business value & quality, offer a variety of services with legitimate experience and have a good reputation throughout your community (and maybe even to the great lengths of the world-wide web.

My 15+ years of working in the marketing and advertising world representing small “mom and pop” type shops to large corporations, has shown me that knowing the proper way to promote you business really is a fine science. This science is something that needs to be crafted by highly skilled and experienced experts who truly understand what you are looking at accomplishing your overall goal. However, I have also learned that some independent business owners can sometimes be just as creative and crafty when it comes to marketing or promoting their own company.

As a business you probably have a good idea of how you would like your product/service represented. And maybe you have some advertising ideas in mind already but you’re not sure if it fits correctly into what your business stands for. Look for a mainstream marketing company that provides a variety of services that are useful to your company. Sure it’s cool if they can make videos and produce their own magazine – but are those services helpful for your business – I don’t know ask yourself – are they? If not, look for value added services – can your marketing company help you with all your marketing and advertising needs – printing, website design, logo design, etc. Or are you going to have to go and search out 3 different companies for 3 different jobs. Choose an advertising/marketing company that can multi-task because once you become satisfied with one service, you’ve already built a trusting relationship and know they are capable of other aspects for your business. And don’t just look into physical services – choose your mainstream marketing company based on their customer service as well. Are they cheerful, workable, listen to your ideas and provide useful effective solutions keeping your business in mind as if it is the only business they have? They should – and if they don’t – how can you trust that company to keep your business as a top priority and truly care about your business’ success.

An experienced mainstream marketing company never sacrifices quality. Don’t get the mindset that top prices mean top quality – unfortunately in some cases marketing companies tend to do the opposite – charge a lot but give a little (luckily, most customers have caught these unreliable companies and they are no longer around to provide poor service, but I’m sure there are still a few unethical companies lurking… A good rule of thumb when you are placing an order with a printer would be to ask for a proof of what your print would look like and perhaps even see if you can get examples of the types of stock they print on or what a similar result to your project might look like. (PS – If your marketing company doesn’t provide you with a proof before printing – get away fast – this is an obvious sign they are not interested in a good quality product for you). A single source provider is one of the best mainstream marketing companies to have – don’t be afraid to ask this question!

Reputation is obviously an important feature when choosing your mainstream marketing company. Does the marketing company you are looking into come highly recommended or have you heard through the grapevine and XYZ company does the best websites in town, negotiates great rates and are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever met – it’s probably in your best interest to give them a shot. It’s always a good idea when researching the services marketing/advertising companies provide to research the company as well. See if you can find testimonials from other customers on the company’s website – or make a couple of phone calls to businesses in your area where you really like their work and see if they will recommend a marketing company for you.

Don’t be fooled by imitators!!! An experienced mainstream marketing/advertising company is not afraid to answer your questions – look into the services they provide, the quality of their work and find out what the word on the street is – or stop by and check out the office itself. You’ll get a good vibe once you walk in to decide whether it’s the right company for you.