The Problem

We live in a fast changing and over-communicated society.

The status quo or “life as usual” is no longer an option.

Let’s face facts. The world has gone crazy. The economy has gone crazy.

Everything we once took for granted is changing at a frighteningly fast and furious pace. Day by day the world is getting more confusing and complex. Changes that used to take place over a life time are taking place overnight.

In these days of great changes there are incredible new opportunities to consider and at the same time there are perilous new pitfalls and dangers to avoid.

It’s a major challenge just trying to keep up. Perhaps you’ve felt overwhelmed at times with the seemingly impossible task of making your business support your basic lifestyle, much less your ideal lifestyle.

You need to understand these three important facts about business success today:

=> What you know and when you know it — can make or break you!”

=> The business with the best product or service no longer makes the big money. Today, the business with the best marketing does.”

=> Traditional marketing is dying.”

Studies indicate that most people are exposed to an average of 3,000 different marketing messages every day. Customers are increasingly overwhelmed by advertising clutter and are growing resistant to traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is tell-based marketing. It’s image-based marketing. It’s “we’re the best” based marketing. It doesn’t work. It’s dying.

Using traditional marketing strategies to connect with customers that are increasingly overwhelmed by advertising clutter is perhaps the quickest way to go broke.

Success in marketing is based on matching your message to the needs of your market. You need to have the right message for the right market.

How can you succeed with traditional tell-based marketing when your target market is tuning you out?

Say good-bye to the old school of marketing.

The old school of marketing is tell-based marketing. It’s dying.

In the old school of marketing you hide in a cocoon for a long time while you create something you want to sell. Then you tell people how great this thing is you want to sell them. Only then do you find out if anybody wants it. The product comes first, and then you find a market for it.

Your success is based on your ability to correctly guess what the market wants and the monologue you use to tell your customers.

The Solution

Say hello to the new school of marketing. The new school of marketing is ask-based marketing.

The most effective way to market your business in today’s economy is ask-based and direct-response marketing.

With ask-based marketing you tap your customers on the shoulder and you ask them what they want. You create what they asked for. You sell it to those who asked for it.

The market comes first, and then you create a product or service for that market.

Your success is based on your ability to ask questions and dialogue with your customers.

What Can You Do?

Adjust your priorities.

Write a list of everything you do each week.

How much time do you spend marketing your business? As the owner of a business, you should spend at least 25% of your time marketing your business. Ideally you should spend 50-80% of your time marketing your business.

If you are not spending 25-50% of your time marketing, then delegate as many of your non-marketing tasks as you can to others. The time you spend marketing your business will give you the greatest return on your money and time.

Every day you should do one or more things to market your business.

Make a commitment to seriously market your business.

Get a sheet of paper. Write down the following commitments:

=> Once a week, learn and implement a new marketing strategy.

=> Find out what your customers want. Create a product based on what they tell you. Sell the product to those who asked for it.

=> Spend less time “telling” your customers and more time “asking” your customers.

=> If you are too busy and don’t have the time to do what you know you need to do, get some help.

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