Advertising is a waste of budgeting when used on its’ own. Despite common misconception, there are two steps in marketing. The two steps are identified as Advertising and Selling. Hold the phone though folks, I know most people think they are not good at selling. However, keep reading this article as you will realize that selling is a lot easier than you may think… at least this type of selling.

Don’t waste your budget, take advantage of both steps! The steps and descriptions are as follows:

o Advertising- Tell your market who you are!

o Selling- Explain to these same people that are in your market, the benefits of your product/ service.

These two steps are simple, and get even simpler with practice. It’s 98% repetition, and 2% creativeness. Change up slightly every once in awhile, but not too often.

Here are five different marketing ideas that utilize both steps. Use these and come up with a few of your own and you will be on your way to creating an exciting and successful marketing campaign. Here are the five ideas along with how it utilizes both marketing steps:

1. Networking- This is an excellent way of marketing. You can network with absolutely anybody and it’s so EASY! Think about it, make a mental list of your friends. How did you meet them? That is networking. Some of the people you can network with is prospective clients, government officials, and even competitors! How can networking with competitors help? Very simple, if they get too much work, they will outsource it to other professionals in their industry, why shouldn’t that professional be you? Before you go out networking though come up with an Elevator Pitch. An elevator pitch is an approximately 30 second explanation of your business and the benefits of using you as a professional.

2. Viral Marketing- Viral Marketing is the same concept as networking except instead of you telling others about your business, it’s your happy customers and friends telling others about your business. Best of all viral marketing is free!

3. Cold Calling- Cold Calling is a very daunting task, but it is very effective. You will be more comfortable with cold calling with practice. Now before you have a panic attack, let me give you one piece of advice regarding confidence levels in cold calling. Don’t be nervous… I want you to keep one train of thought “secure the sale”. That is why you are reading this article, therefore complete your mission. Think of it this way, is the person you are calling going to lose any sleep over you calling them regarding your product/ service? Of course not, so why should you? Don’t worry about what they are going to say, just worry about securing a sale!!

4. Create a Website- This is the most expensive route out of all five marketing ideas, but can work if you are willing to do everything that comes with it and do it right. Just putting a website up on the “World Wide Web” doesn’t mean that people will find it. After all it is the “World Wide Web” there are so many websites out there. If you want to go down this route get some books on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click). These two things are used for marketing online. Very effective if you are willing to do them yourself, or pay the money for a professional to do it. One program that I live by in this stuff is called WebCEO.

5. Press Releases- Another free marketing technique is using press releases. Let the media market for you. There are plenty of press release books and templates out there.

Now that I have told you five of the best marketing techniques, let me tell you about four of the WORST marketing techniques.

1. Phone Book Entries- Think that phone book entries work? They really don’t. There is just too much competition listed in there and much too expensive. Fact is, most of your customer’s will be found using the five best marketing techniques… your customers WILL NOT find you 99.9% of the time!!!

2. Referral Services- Referral Services are not that effective. They are telling people about too many other businesses in other industries to be effective.

3. Direct Mail Marketing- Although Direct Mail Marketing does utilize both marketing steps, it is much too expensive for the average small business. The average Direct Mail Marketing Campaign costs between $1500 and $2500 dollars. That is fourfold the average marketing budget of most small businesses.

4. Door to Door Sales- This is a major time waster, especially for service businesses. Just stay away from this area of marketing. Too many businesses and individuals will ignore you and be quite rude to anybody trying to solicit them by means of door to door sales.

Try to stay away from these marketing techniques. They just don’t work. The good news is though, that the list of good techniques far outweighs the bad, and I just barely touched the surface with this article. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different marketing ideas, just make sure that anything you try out using both steps in marketing. Now enough talking, go out there and get some customers!