There are many people who believe pay per click marketing doesn’t work for network marketing. Even some of the top experts in pay per click marketing have gone on record to say that pay per click marketing doesn’t work well with the network marketing business model.

Pay Per Click works incredibly well with network marketing if you know how to use it effectively.

By following the proper strategy, you can generate an endless supply of leads using pay per click marketing. The key is to have a strategy that works well with network marketing as well as a strategy that employs good pay per click marketing principles.

The Funded Proposal

The most effective way to generate leads using pay per click marketing is to use some type of funded proposal. You market an information product that relates to the product or opportunity you are offering with your primary network marketing company.

It is very difficult for most network marketers to make the pay per click numbers work promoting the network marketing product or opportunity.

However, high profit margins of information products make it easier to use these products in promotions for the purpose of lead generation.

If you don’t use a funded proposal, but you are still interested in marketing your network marketing product or business opportunity, there are some ways you can do so using pay per click.

Bid on Your Network Marketing Company Name

One great term to bid on is your network marketing company name. If you take the time to learn how to market on pay per click effectively, you will find very little competition on keywords related to your company’s name.

Use Indirect Keywords

Regardless of whether you are marketing a funded proposal or the actual product or opportunity of the parent network marketing company, another great strategy is to bid on keywords that have low bid amounts and are indirectly related to what you are trying to market.

You will have to create web pages that are related to the words you are bidding on. However, on those web pages you can also promote your product, opportunity or funded proposal.

Create Separate Keyword Ad Groups

One big mistake that many new marketers to pay per click make is to lump all of their keywords under one ad. This is a critical mistake that should be avoided!

Lumping your keywords into one ad significantly increases your pay per click costs and decreases your overall pay per click results.

When you have all of your keywords under one ad, you cannot customize your ad for the keywords you are bidding on. As a result, this lowers your click through rate, increases your pay per click costs and reduces the amount of leads you will generate as a result.

A much better and more effective approach is to create separate ad groups for the keywords you are bidding on. This will produce higher click through rates, reduced costs and more leads for your business.

Use Split Testing

Another mistake that many pay per click marketers make is the failure to separate search engine pay per click results from ads being displayed on the content network.

For some search terms, the search engine results will be significantly better than the content network results. For others, the exact opposite is true.

This is why you want to make sure you keep your search results separate from your content network results and create separate ads for the two. This way you can track your results, perform split tests, and see which form of pay per click marketing is producing the best results for you.

Pay Per Click marketing works well for network marketers if you know how to use it. However if you fail to use it effectively, you could lose out on a lot of money.