You most likely found this article from my first, “How to get started in Affiliate Marketing-Lesson 1”. I’d highly recommend you read this article first before reading “How to get started in Internet Marketing-Lesson 2”. It’s chronological and it won’t really make sense. These articles are meant to reinforce the internet marketing mindset needed to be successful as an Internet Marketer. These articles can’t guarantee your success in Affiliate Marketing, but they’ll make it about 90% harder for you to quit Affiliate Marketing.

The previous article talked about what I’d like to call my first IM Trinity: “Why?”, Interest and Initiative. This article will address my second IM Trinity: “Foresee, Focus, Execute!”

Foresight is a very important aspect of the successful Internet Marketer. It all starts with the dream that you foresee from being a successful Internet Marketer, which is very far foresight. However, to succeed, you have to have near-sighted foresight. I’m talking about your goals that you set for yourself to succeed daily. Vince DelMonte (I just bought one of his publications, fabulous guy) blew me away with this quote: “goals without deadlines are simply dreams”. Unless you want your dream to stay a dream, do these two things.

1. Stop seeing it as a dream, label it as a goal and start working on it.

2. With your goal make it PERFORMANCE-BASED and not OUTCOME-BASED.

This is actually something I learned from Vince DelMonte’s book only a few days ago, but I felt it really suited the Affiliate Marketing mindset. When wondering how to get started in Affiliate Marketing, people tend to dream, they say, “I can’t wait til I start earning 100K a month from Internet Marketing”. Though this is a bold goal to have and entirely attainable, it is an outcome goal.

How do you master the internet marketing mindset? By foreseeing this problem and setting a performance-based goal.

Focus. This is one of the main reasons that even Internet Marketers who know their why fail. There is so much to learn on how to get started in Affiliate Marketing. In reality, the focus is hard to obtain, but here a few tips that will help strengthen the Affiliate marketing mindset.

1. Say, “I’m an Internet Marketer”. This reinforcement sinks into your subconscious mind and helps you realize that it’s now a profession and helps you kick into gear.

2. One quote I made up which I think is quite relevant is “when you’re thinking, don’t do anything. When taking action, don’t think.” The point is to stay focused on one action, whatever it is.

3. If you had to support a family and the creditors were after you and all you had was a computer with internet access to your name, what would you do? This method of thinking is an contributes effectively towards the internet marketing mindset. It stems back towards my first article that talks about the strength of your “why”.

The 3rd and final step is to execute. This is another killer of Affiliate Marketing dreams. The more that people ask how to get started in Affiliate Marketing, the more they realize how much there is to learn about the internet marketing mindset and what to do. Ultimately, the person who closes their browser to cut off distraction and starts writing what they think an article should look like will have more success than the person who reads up on how to write the perfect article. This will be explained in “How to get started in Internet Marketing-Lesson 3.”

Hopefully my 2nd Internet Marketing Trinity has helped you learn how to get started in Affiliate Marketing and explained the Internet Marketing mindset more adequately.