Internet Network Marketing is the latest buzz out there for sure. If you’re not using the internet to market your network marketing business, then you’re left out in the dark, and potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

But it’s still not too late to start using the internet to build your MLM business easier than ever. This article is going to show you how to use the internet to effectively marketing your MLM business for maximum profits and finally achieve network marketing success faster than you thought possible.

Yes, the old-school tactics don’t work anymore, because they don’t have duplication in place. Tactics like passing out flyers, calling warm market list, the 3-foot rule, cold-calling genealogy lead list are obsolete in this world of 2.0.

Doing internet network marketing is not as hard as you think it would be. It’s actually the most efficient, affordable, easiest, fastest, cheapest, time-saving, automatic way to start making money in your MLM business.

Here’s how you can use the internet to market your MLM business the right way:

1. Define your target market: People seeking to start a home business, people who are looking to make money online, current network marketers who are struggling in their business, MLM business seekers, business opportunity seekers, baby boomers, stay home moms, health-product related buyers, who is your target market?

You have to select who you would like to recruit for your MLM business.

My recommended target market would be current network marketers because they already believe in this business model and at least have some kind of experiences in the recruiting process.

2. Build a list of eager buyers: Build a capture page and offer something valuable in exchange of their email address, name and phone number. You can write a 10 page report about something your target audience would like to learn or read and give away for free on your capture page. The report does not have to be long and it has to be informative and no BS. Credibility is the name of the game. Impress your audience with a WOWin your report, then you will most likely to win their trust.

3. Connect with your prospects: If you want to keep your leads on your list for a long time to come, you must build relationships with your prospects.

Write at least 10 informative autoresponder messages, provide some valuable content, teach them to do something, or tell them your stories.

Email your list at least once a week to remind them you’re still their “friend.” Put that email into your autoresponder so you can build more messages overtime.

If you don’t have an autoresponder, hurry up and get one, it will save you tons of time and you can automate business that way.

4. Drive massive traffic: You need 3 things in internet network marketing, content, traffic and conversion. Without traffic, you don’t have buyers, you don’t have prospects, and you won’t have a chance to make money.

You can use article marketing, video marketing, pay per click marketing, search engine marketing, and social marketing to drive targeted traffic to your websites.

If you can provide content, you won’t have any problem generating traffic, but if you can’t, learn pay per click marketing.

5. Make money first: Now you have the content, traffic, and the list. You can easily market some low-price products to your prospects and make money to compensate your advertising cost. You can find some good products to recommend to your MLM prospects on various affiliate marketing networks, like Clickbank.

6. Convert prospects into downlines: Now it’s time to recruit your prospects through relationship marketing. They already know you, trust you, and admire you. It should not be a problem to sponsor a couple of people who are already interested which MLM business you’re in.

Send them a message about your business, and how you can help them achieve what they’ve been looking for, easy financial freedom.

7. Duplicate your team: Teach you downline members how to do what you’re doing so they can duplicate your lead generation process and build your downlines exponentially faster. You can build ad co-op campaigns for your team members.

You can also write a book, and sell it to your downline members for $7, that will teach them what to do to make it big in internet MLM.

Let’s recap what you’ve learn. In order for you to succeed in internet network marketing, you need to define your target market, build a list of eager buyers, connect with your prospects, drive massive traffic, make money first, covert them into downlines, and duplicate your team.