There is a lot to know about being an affiliate marketer.

The wisest thing you could do is to learn by following the methods that the really successful affiliate marketers use. This gives you a huge advantage because the gurus have already figured out what doesn’t work and what does. Since affiliates only make money when they do the things that work, you will open up your revenue streams faster by following the leaders affiliate or associate marketing examples.

Where do you find these examples of guru success?

First you have to find out who the real winners are in the affiliate marketing arena. As with any other type of money making business online, there are those who couldn’t make any money actually doing affiliate marketing and decided to switch over to selling information instead. Not that their ebooks and reports will actually give you any useful advice, these hokey info products are rather easy to spot. Any guide to affiliate marketing sales page displaying bags of money, flashy homes and cars or the “millionaire” working on the beach are well … not good affiliate marketing examples.

A true affiliate marketing guru would never promise you that you only have to work 2 hours a day.

Why is this? It simply isn’t possible to make scads of money if you aren’t managing your business very regularly. Real affiliate (associate) marketing success takes a lot of time and effort invested to build an empire of revenue streams. Once you have a lot of consistently converting promotional campaigns humming a long, then you’ll be able to take a week or two off and hit the beach. So you are looking for realistic affiliate marketing example, these would be the best people to show you how to make money.

Some people might tell you to look in the forums for affiliate or associate marketing examples.

It is rare that you will find a bonifide marketing guru in a forum. They are far too busy managing their business and putting together new cash stream campaigns to lounge about with want to-be marketers very often. When you are really new to the world of affiliatedom, it will be somewhat confusing to know which already profiting marketer will set a viable affiliate marketing example that will benefit you in the very beginning.

They all say they want to share the secrets to incredible income with you.

Chances are that a good deal of what the real marketing mavens have to share will make you tons of cash if you follow their affiliate marketing example to the letter. You will be at the best possible advantage if you do not start out using PPC or Google AdWords as your marketing tactic. Not only can this get rather costly, it is far more risky. You will be better off to wait until you really understand how to make money in affiliate marketing before trying your hand with paid per click methods. Stick to things like article marketing and squeeze pages or product reviews to get started.