Your website is great but your marketing needs help. Believe it or not there is a big difference between sales and marketing. If you do not know the difference then that might explain why it has become a challenge for you to earn an income online. Also, if you think that the two are the same then that might explain why your income is not where you want it to be. The difference between the two is as diverse as the difference between water and wine. Too much of one can hurt you and not enough of the other can kill you. Somewhere a balance needs to be established. Once this is realized and positioned the profits will come. This article will help you to understand how to use these two powerful tools as allies to your business.

Lets talk about marketing. Simply put marketing takes work. Its sole purpose it to let other people know that your business or website exists. Just because you build a building does not mean that you will have customers rushing in to buy your product or service. You have probably experienced that with your website. As professional and eye catching as it is no one will visit it to see its content unless you let them know where it is, what it has to offer and what it is about. A building is just that a building likewise a website is just that a website.

Marketing Can Not Be Replaced Or Substituted

There is no substitute for marketing. It cannot be replaced. Marketing is conceptual. It’s like telling a story, nothing is realized at first because marketing creates vision. It helps your clients to see the benefits of having your product or service. Technically marketing does not exist. It is invisible like the wind but it can produce incredible results. Those results we call sales.

By now you can already see the difference between marketing and sales. Lets talk more about what a sale is. A sale is the final reaction to marketing. A sale is what marketing lead to. A sale is what you get after you put in all the work or after you market your product or service. A sale is the reward.

Unfortunately some people treat marketing like sales and sales like marketing. You have seen them. You walk into a store and the sales person says, “we have shoes on sales 50% off.” That is not marketing that is bad selling. You can not take them out of order marketing always comes first and selling second. Even if someone walks up to you and says I want to buy that, believe me some type of marketing took place first. Just telling someone that you are having a sale is just giving out information. Rather if you walked into a store and some one says, “hello how are you today? What can I help you with?” And then they take the time to help you envision having that product or service then that is marketing. When you leave that environment you are able to take that experience with you in a memorable way. So when you finally decide to make a purchase it becomes the result of that marketing.

Marketing Only Works One Way

Marketing only works one way. It leads a client to the sale by having them to take ownership in their mind of your product or service. When the effort to market does not lead to a sale we call that just giving out information. Giving out too much information can cost you a sale. A balance must exist. Through the marketing process information is obtained about the client to determine if this process will lead to a sale now or the potential for a sale later. Just dispensing information does not make you a marketer. Technique makes you a marketer.

In my own personal experience knowing the difference has positioned my business for optimal success. Now I can be more focused in the selling process. Without these concepts it is like having one foot on sand and the other on cement. It is really hard to get around that way but realizing that my marketing leads to the sale has helped me to implement better customer service skills in my business. Now I feel less pressure and more satisfaction. My customers are happier too.