Internet marketing must be in your list of marketing methods if you have a low budget to promote your products and services. Every year, there are more and more people surfing the Internet and if your are not tapping the huge market, you are leaving your money on the table.

In this article, you will learn the basics of Internet marketing and online marketing. These marketing methods are proven to be very helpful in generating customer leads, boosting sales by folds and setting up buzz about your products all over the Internet.

Internet Marketing Basics #1 Pay Per Click (PPC)

When you type in a keyword or something that you are searching for on search engines, you will see search results. On the right side and the top part right before the results, you will see a block of results with a vague wording, “Sponsored Results”. These are ads that you can pay search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to list.

You will need to pay for every click that your ad gets. Even though you have to pay for PPC marketing, you are able to show your ads to people who are very likely to be interested in your products. Why? Because they are searching for it on search engines.

Internet Marketing Basics #2 Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form of marketing where you put out free contents onto the Internet. With a lot of content bearing your name and your products, people will naturally perceive you as an expert in your industry. After reading your content, they will normally go to your site to check out what you have to offer.

These visitors can be highly targeted as well. They read your articles because they want to know more about a topic and clicking through to your site shows that they are hungry for more. Marketing to these people will be as easy as a snap.

Internet Marketing Basics #3 Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves studying how to optimize your site to make it search engine friendly and what are the ways to show search engines that your site is an authority in your niche. Building links is one of the major techniques in getting higher rankings for certain keywords in search engines. This is because search engines see links to a site as votes and if a site is getting a lot of votes, it shows that that particular site is an authority.