The internet is being flooded with a new breed of internet marketers who are convinced they have finally found a way to successfully build their network marketing business. They are writing articles, blogs and lenses. They are utilizing social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. They are putting videos in places like YouTube, Revver, and Veoh. And all of it is getting bookmarked. These CAN be effective ways of reaching your target market, but there is one VERY important thing many of these internet network marketers are forgetting. VALUE.

InterNetwork Marketing is defined as the application of internet marketing tools and strategies being applied to a network marketing business. Read that sentence again. Internet marketing tools and strategies are applied to a network marketing business. What does this mean? It means time-tested principles of marketing, which have proven to be effective in attracting customers and prospects for all types of business, can be used through the robust and far-reaching medium known as the internet. These principles can be applied to attract very targeted prospects to a network marketer who has successfully identified his ideal client and spoken to them through his marketing efforts. He or she no longer has to talk to everyone within three feet of them to ascertain who would actually be interested in what they have to sell or what business opportunity they have to offer. That is why internetwork marketing is also commonly referred to as attraction marketing.

Unfortunately, many network marketers have gotten this completely backwards. Instead of using the internet to apply sound business and marketing principles to their network marketing business, they are applying their traditional network marketing strategies to a much broader audience by utilizing the tools the internet now provides. In other words, instead of waiting until someone comes within three feet of them, they can now blast their message out to anyone they can make any kind of virtual connection with. They are doing the exact same thing they have been doing offline for years, but now they are annoying a lot more people in a lot less time.

You have surely seen their tactics in action. They write an article or produce a video which is little more than an unabashed pitch for their business opportunity. They connect with you on MySpace or Facebook and ask to chat, and within two minutes they let you know about their business opportunity. Once it’s clear to them that you’re not going to join their business, they drop you like a hot potato. Of course, that is actually a relief for you, but it doesn’t help the already tarnished image network marketing has given itself through its distributors.

These network marketers are forgetting, or are simply unaware, that you must provide value first, and help the other person get what they want before you can expect to get what you want. They are focused on their own needs and are always trying to get people on “their team”. They don’t care if “their team” is completely wrong for the prospect, in terms of time, money, product or something else. If they can enroll another warm body, that’s reason to celebrate. Six months later they are scratching their heads and wondering where “their team” went.

‘Repulsion Marketing’ might be a good way to describe this. Over time, the communities which the internetwork marketer is trying to infiltrate become aware of their tactics, and often take measures to thwart their tactics. This can be achieved by giving negative feedback to new content that marketer posts in the community spaces, letting other members of the community to be on the lookout for a new spammer, or even alerting the administrators of the particular site or service that someone is breaking the TOS. The end result is that the marketer has not only made it more difficult for themselves, they have managed to further tarnish the image of what can be a truly great industry, when done properly.

If you are a network marketer who is starting to use the internet to add to your marketing efforts, please do yourself and the community a favor by finding a mentor who can guide you in the proper strategies and application of these tools. You will definitely be more successful in your business, and the community will actually appreciate your presence.