Network Marketing, regardless of what the majorities mindset may be, is still one of the best ways to gain financial freedom. 2008 is a year that has seen financial hardship and even though I am an optimist, I am not sure that things are going to get better any time soon. I believe that the right Network Marketing opportunity could be the answer for people who are struggling to make ends meet and here is why.

Hardship motivates people to do what they would otherwise not do. The days of $1.50 a gallon gas are over but they are not forgotten. People are paying more for virtually everything and their income with their job is not moving nearly as fast in the right direction. This means that people need a solution and for many Network Marketing could be the ticket.

The Network Marketing Industry is full of opportunities, the majority of which claim to be the best. These opportunities if they are legitimate all boast success stories of ordinary average people making their financial dreams their life. The reality is however that most of these opportunities boast a very high failure rate as well. Yes, it is true that most people fail when they get into Network Marketing. It is not because they cannot succeed, it is because most people are not willing to put forth the effort it takes to see success. After all people have jobs and their busy lives do not allow for the time it takes to promote a Network Marketing business.

This bewilders me because these people are passing up on what could be a residual income that continuously grows for many years to come. Think about something for a minute. If you were to get a job in a profession that boasted the kind of income potential that the majority of Network Marketing opportunities boast, you would have to go to school eight years, climb the corporate ladder and hope for the best. On the other hand, if you find the right network marketing opportunity, you would work hard for a couple of years and still end up making the kind of money you would have if you would have worked your entire life.

Network Marketing is a different style of business for a different type of individual. Yes, it does take effort, but the pay off is well worth it. Companies allow people to market their products for them and give them a piece of the profits because it is much easier and cost effective than putting together a hundred million dollar advertising campaign. Most pay plans are set up to give you a little bit of the profit off of everyone in your organization. Think about it, would you rather have 1% of the profit of a thousand people or 100% of your own efforts. The answer is obvious.

Finding the right Network Marketing opportunity is important and is the first step in the success strategy. you want to find a Network Marketing opportunity that has a great product priced reasonably. Many network marketing opportunities will provide you with a product priced well above retail simply because there is an opportunity attached to it. this is a recipe for failure. Remember that you are marketing a product for a company and that is where you want the focus to remain. The opportunity is there for people who are interested in sharing the product that they bought with others. how will they know if they want to share it, if they have not even tried it for themselves? This is why you always want to lead with the product rather than the opportunity.

Secondly you want to find an opportunity that does not have a high start up cost and is not too expensive to maintain. Remember that your Network Marketing opportunity is your business and if you are throwing more money out the door than you are making, you will not last very long.

You also want to find an opportunity that gives you a website to promote your products and opportunity. The Internet is a great place to find other Network Marketers who will be interested in helping you build your business. This means that you can have a two fold approach to marketing. Market your products to the people in your community and the products as well as the opportunity on the Internet.

Yes, Network Marketing can make you rich and yes if you want to get rich in Network Marketing you are going to have to market the products. Network Marketing is still by far one of the easiest ways to gain the type of lifestyle that you want since your success or failure is dependent upon the effort that you are willing to put into it.