The most fascinating thing about Network Marketing is that survival “not giving up, no matter what” is precisely what leads to the end goal…success and wealth. Yet we very rarely meet someone who has worked at a steady pace in Network Marketing who doesn’t eventually achieve success. In Network Marketing you either persevere or you perish.

Statistics show that 95% of those who survive at least 10 years of Network Marketing become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. But surviving in an MLM for ten years can be a daunting task for most people to handle. In fact 98 % of all network marketing distributors bail out within the first 90 days of joining their company.

And yet, Network Marketing is still a system in which ordinary people can invest a small amount of money and given the right mind set through sheer determination and tenacity can rise to personal and financial freedom. Some studies have even shown that by the year 2110 50% of all goods and services will be moved by network marketing in western nations.

Network Marketing started as a product driven industry that featured a wide variety of wares such as nutritional supplements, perfumes, brushes and cosmetics. Today the gamut is even more diverse including telecommunications, credit cards, financial services, prepaid legal services, self-development, travel, insurance, motivational programs as well as public utility services.

One needs as little as $49.00 -150.00 to get started in a Network Marketing business and this usually includes not only the distributor kit and start up fee but also some of the products as well that can be used personally or shared with others.

The industry was initially based on a word of mouth recommendation to friends or family, but now includes telemarketing and internet sales and advertising. Word of mouth widely regarded as the best form of advertising; and certainly it’s the most inexpensive form. The theory behind its use in MLM is that distribution moves directly from the producer to the consumer entirely bypassing the need for the middle man, so that the distributor/marketer receives compensation from moneys that would have otherwise been spent on paying for advertising, shipping and retailers.

All marketers no matter the venue need to be able to deal with rejection as there is just no way around it in this people driven arena; however the problem with MLM marketing is two fold and perhaps stings more because the rejection is coming from our so called “warm market” in other words your friend’s, family, co-workers and anyone within arms length of you, making it a far more painful rejection indeed.

But marketing is simply a numbers game so you must have the correct mindset to deal the emotional challenges of understanding that no matter what, the numbers will be on your side if you will only stand by that and live in the numbers. Statistically this means that 20-30% will purchase products from you or even sign into your business, so if you can see this as a the good thing that it is and not get stuck on the fact that 70-80% will not sign up with you, then your on your way to earning a six figure income.

The mind is a very powerful thing and the journey to success starts with you. The challenges we feel are entirely between our ears, and nothing in this business is more draining than self-doubt, so the first secret to success is in adopting an unshakeable no quit attitude because you’re going to take some lumps and bumps before you make it in this business, but failures are the gifts that steer you towards the right path to success. The only failure that counts as a true failure is the one that makes you quit.

This leads to your big reason why. In order to keep plodding on your journey to succeed, you’ll need a driving force behind you that pushes you to survive all the pratfalls and banana peels that slip you up along the way. If you think its money, think again. Money alone won’t be enough of a carrot to dangle in front of your mulish nose; you must have an emotional reason for what this money will afford you. If your why doesn’t bring tears to your eyes then start looking for one that does.

It is absolutely true that every successful network marketer started out as a lousy network marketer. If you’ve told otherwise you’ve been lied to, no body just gets lucky in this business, it takes hard work dedication and the ability to learn how to get the job done right. It all really boils down to education and action; one will not work without the other but you need the right education followed by the right actions.

Take the time to get an education on true marketing principals, not the warm marketing-three foot rule-3 way calls to your upline stuff! I mean take the time to learn how real marketers get it done in the real world. And don’t be afraid to that it’s going to take to much time and effort to do so, there is no better way to learn something than to implement what your learning as your learning it. And you can earn while you learn.

Realistically we’re talking about six months to three years depending on how hard you’re willing to push yourself.

Think of it this way, when a person is given the option of earning more each month working from home than a cardiologist with a staff of 8 earns from his practice in a year, wouldn’t any sane person be willing to invest a year or two studying network marketing. Doesn’t a 2 year plan seem more palatable than the 10 – 12 year learning curve it took for said doctor?

All of us are vulnerable as we set out on new ventures, we all hate rejection and none is worse than the rolling eyed mockery of our friends and family. It’s no surprise then that it doesn’t take long before most people become discouraged and the feelings of rejection
Becomes unbearable It seems “warm marketing” is truly a misnomer at least in my circle.

However if you know exactly what to expect and how to set up a network marketing business without pestering your friends and family and destroying your credibility by hitting every one over the head with your business opportunity simply because there standing in front of you and breathing, you are taking your first giant step in the right direction.

There are time tested and proven methods for taking on the challenges of your fist year that will carry you to success beyond what you now believe possible. Most importantly by learning practical ways to survive each challenge that comes your way you will also be able to persevere without the worry of perishing like an over ripe tomato the vine.

After all if you can manage to survive your first year as a network marketer without quitting losing your sense mind or your sense of humor, the odds are great that you will become quite successful and even wealthy; and in fact when it comes to Network Marketing surviving is synonymous with thriving.