How to Set Up Your Very Own Network Marketing Recruiting System

Listed are 7 simple steps to set up your own cheap and profitable network marketing recruiting system. System owners do not want you to know they will use your network marketing leads if your company goes belly up or they leave the company. We’ll teach you how to set your own system, keep your own hard earned network marketing prospects and build a profitable downline in the process.

The biggest reason why you need a sponsoring system is because you are challenged in finding network marketing prospects. That is the the biggest challenge facing network marketers today. I get at least 10 calls a week, asking me to help network distributors find better prospects. But they first better learn how to build their own system to keep their own network marketing prospects even if the company fails or they grow tired of their upline or company. These leads can serve you well in many different ways.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 1:

It all starts with a lead capture page. That page needs to make your prospects hurt and you need to make them feel and taste that pain. Once you have accomplished that, the very next step is to show them how to avoid or eliminate that pain.

If you are trying to recruit business opportunity seekers you need to be a little more generic in your approach and if you are trying to recruit other network marketing professionals, then you need to have a front end product that appeals to all network marketers and gets them to purchase from you up front before they see your main company. This is sometimes called a “Funded Proposal”.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 2:

After showing them how to eliminate that pain, you need to capture their name and email address. Your responder can help you build a effective opt in form..

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting System Step 3:

You must own a autoresponder for following up with your network marketing prospects. This platform will educate, train and create hoops you need your network marketing prospects to jump through.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 4:

Each follow up letter must give them a clear choice of what you want them to do. If you want them to click, purchase, view or call in an order you must tell them directly to do just that in your email. It is always best to slowing build your letters up to this commitment.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 5:

Why on earth should I set up my own network marketing recruiting system when my upline already has one set up? Two reasons: 1. you need to separate yourself from the crowd and 2) you need to keep all your hard earned leads in your own follow up system that can support the recruiting system set up by your upline.

Be original, be unique and separate yourself from the crowd. How can you do it? Simple.

Show them a personal touch that is completely different from other distributors you are competing with to sponsor the same person. Simply use the techniques discussed in step 3 above and you will be completely different from the other “Joe Smoe’s”. Make sense?

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 6:

By using your own autoresponder for follow ups, you can now send out group broadcasts announcing something that is coming up. We call this, “upcoming events”. Events can be conference calls, a new video or whatever event is going to be happening with your upline or network marketing company. Event’s get people all jazzed up and excited and when your prospects are around that, they can feel the energy and want to be a part of that energy.

How to Set Up a Network Marketing Recruiting Systems Step 7:

Set up your recruiting system to sell a generic product that all starving network marketers need and want. The products we target are sponsoring books, network marketing leads, “how to” books, etc.

In summary creating your own network marketing recruiting system is as simple as one webpage, optin form and autoresponder

follow up. Once they opt into your follow up series you stand a much better chance of sponsoring them into your network

marketing business or getting them to purchase a product from your recommendations.