In this 5 part series my personal goal is nothing less than to deliver you a blueprint for a 5-figure per month network marketing business. This step-by-step blueprint has been tested and proven and, if you follow it, you will definitely be successful in building your network marketing business. So if you’re one of the many MLM people who’ve struggled for months or years with an obsolete business model that no longer works, as so many of us have, read on!

Today we’re going to cover the very basics – why traditional MLM marketing doesn’t work and why taking your business online will get you far better results. Then, in subsequent parts of this series, I’ll take you one step at a time right up to the launch of your new online business.

So the sequence will look like this:

Part 1: Why you need an automated online marketing system and where to find the best ones in the world today.
Part 2: The specific marketing paradigm you MUST follow to succeed and how to modify your websites’ focus accordingly
Part 3: How to set up all the other “nodes” of your online matrix
Part 4: Driving large volumes of targeted traffic to your online matrix
Part 5: Launch! How to build your business and still have a life

Why to Get Out of the Old Model:

Just in case the agony of using the old model isn’t reason enough – and it was for many of us – let me explain:

In the traditional multi-level marketing model, there are several downsides for you as the marketer of your business:

o The “in your face” marketing tactics used in the old model virtually require an aggressive personality to succeed
o The people you’re wasting your time marketing to are very seldom in your target market at all! You can try to turn your aunt Sally into an entrepreneur if you want to, but since an entrepreneurial thought has probably never crossed her mind, you’re wasting your breath and your time.
o Every single MLM I ever worked for was training its representatives to “lead with the products”. Hence the representatives are usually referred to as “distributors”. That’s a major strategic mistake, since the only way you’ll succeed is by finding people who are looking for a business, not for the products.
o Since you’re practicing “interruption marketing” on strangers or people you know who perceive you’re taking advantage of them, you face constant rejection, which leads to frustration and an inactive downline that hurts your earnings.

Why Your Network Marketing Business MUST Be Online:

There are huge advantages to adopting modern direct sales marketing best practices:

o The internet allows you to get your message out to large numbers of highly targeted prospects. This is vital since marketing really is a numbers game.
o It’s the easiest, fastest way to get your message out
o It’s also the cheapest, since there are over a dozen free marketing methods available to you, many easily capable of delivering dozens of leads to you every day
o Your online sales system works while you don’t, so it leverages automation to save you precious time
o You don’t face angry rejection and you end up talking almost exclusively to people who can’t wait to hear from you. You’ll only be talking to people who are already qualified leads and, in my own business, I seldom talk to anyone who hasn’t already purchased an application to join my team!

How Do I Get My Business Online?

First, let’s be clear about what “being online” means. It most emphatically does not mean simply having a duplicate copy of the company’s website. Sites like that, which MLM companies have been proudly dishing out to their distributors for a decade or so, are useless for selling anything, let alone your business opportunity.

To sell online, you need the following type of web presence; what I call an “Automated Online Marketing System” (AOMS):

o A page for capturing the contact information of as many prospects as possible (usually referred to as a “squeeze page”)
o A valuable free offer to entice visitors to give you their information
o Follow-up pages and autoresponder emails that will qualify your new leads step-by-step until they take one of the two actions you want them to take – join/buy or leave.

If you’ve never built an online presence like this before, the task will sound pretty daunting. And if you tried to do it on your own, you would make a lot of mistakes, spend more money than you need to and probably get very frustrated. I know because I regularly build online sales systems from scratch myself. There are lots of skills involved – product creation (your free offer), copywriting (squeeze page, other pages, sales copy, autoresponder emails, etc) and testing (to verify the copy actually converts), among others.

Fortunately, there is a far easier alternative. Systems that do this for you already exist, whether you’re already in a business opportunity you want to stay with or not. I’m very familiar with many of these systems and in the resource box below, you can get more information on what I consider to be the top two AOMS in the world today.

For now, though, the important thing is to understand why you need to market online and to commit to getting your network marketing business online ASAP. That’s the first and greatest network marketing secret.

Once you take the leap, you’ll find you can get set up relatively fast and start your marketing within just days if you want to.

Your Next Steps:

The online system I’ve just described is only one piece of the puzzle, though. Yes, you’ll be driving some of your traffic directly to the automated online sales system I’ve just described. However, you’ll have a lot of traffic that you’ll drive to other “nodes” of your online matrix first, before you try to sell them anything. We’ll cover those other nodes in part 3.

Next time, though, in part 2 of this series, we’ll get into the all-important marketing paradigm. There’s a very specific marketing approach that’s critical to your business. If you use the standard online marketing approach that most of us were taught and mastered over the past 5-10 years, you’ll get yourself massacred when you try to build your network marketing business on the internet. So be sure to read the next installment before you start driving traffic to your new websites!